MAC’s Wonder Woman cosmetics have blurred the line between chic and geek and created excitement among lady nerds everywhere. But it’s just not rouge and pomade: You can buy Mike Allred-drawn Wonder Woman merchandise online.
We don’t need another tote bag — lordy, we don’t — and yet somehow we need that one.

[Via Eva Hopkins]


  1. Thanks for posting Heidi. I am ordering right now!

    I find it ironic that DC can’t get their act together re: Wonder Woman, yet Mac who always have their finger on the pulse has put together this line with fabulous Mike Allred art.

    Surely this shows that there is market out there for Wonder Woman (especially when done well).

  2. I just ordered mine. I called the MAC store and asked them about this, and they said that even though it’s out of stock, you can still order it and they will ship it when it’s available. I ordered mine yesterday and the order of my status was “back ordered”

  3. Argh! Women’s tees. Don’t they know Phil Jimenez wants one of these t-shirts YESTERDAY! LOL I’d like one too, but girl shirts never fit guys cause of those weird sleeves. I’m always finding cool t-shirts at Target, and then go “argh! those dang sleeves!”

    gay rant over. :)