by Pamela Auditore

According to Director M. Night Shyamalan:

Tweeting this morning:

As Shyamalan says, Glass will have the original stars of Unbreakable, Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson, joining  SPLIT stars James MacAvoy, and Anya Taylor Joy.

Carrying on the comic book tradition of uniting universes and characters, it should be interesting to see how writer/director Shyamalan shifts or balances tone between a thriller, with an emphasis on character study and creating anxiety and tension in the viewer, against the demands of the Super Hero genre, of action and wish-fulfillment.  While Shyamalan has always considered Unbreakable a super-hero story, Touchstone/Disney disagreed in its marketing strategy.


For those unfamiliar with either film, I have synopses below.
********SPOILER WARNINGS FOR  the film SPLIT and UNBREAKABLE!!!******************

See them!  Then come back to read.  





Bruce Willis’s, David Dunn, is the sole survivor of a horrific train wreck.  When David meets Elijah Price (Samuel Jackson), he offers a bizarre explanation for David’s survival.  He has a super power.  While David seeks the truth about whoever is committing inexplicable acts of terror in Philadelphia, he finds unexpected ramifications of his ability for himself and his family.


The hit thriller starring James MacAvoy as a man with a multiple personality disorder who kidnaps three girls.  Bruce Willis’s  David Dunn briefly appears, mentioning “Glass.”  Elijah Price’s (Sam Jackson) pseudonym for himself.


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