I guess tonight’s episode proves you can’t trust anyone, can you? Discuss away.

MIB can’t trust Sawyer. MIB can’t trust Sayid. Sawyer can’t trust Widmore.

Two great swerves tonight:

1. I expected Claire to shoot Kate at the showdown at the boat.

2. It sure looked like Jin and Sun were going to be fried by the electric fence.

All in all, it seemed like they crammed three or four episodes of plot into one tonight.

Jack’s jumping off the boat was a nice call-back to Sawyer jumping out of the helicopter.

Jack certainly appears to be moving closer to being Jacob’s replacement.

And now … a gap until the next episode. Boo~!


  1. You pointed out a lot of “almost happened” moments. All had be on the edge. The last two episodes have been fast paced and moving well. The next episode should be very interesting.

    Beau Smith
    The Flying Fist Ranch

  2. My favorite thing about this season is that they’re allowed to answer a bunch of stuff. Jack: “Were you pretending to be my father?” Locke: “Yes.” Jack: “Okay, cool.”

  3. Ugh! A break, I thought they said it was straight through, no repeats. Hmm, I guess they’re waiting for May sweeps. Darn them! Two weeks. That’s gonna be painful!

    Everytime an episode ends I go “NO! That wasn’t enough information! I still don’t know what’s going on?!” But then I realize that’s exactly what you’d want people to feel, impatient and excited for the next episode.

  4. Yeah, I shouted “WHAT?! ALREADY?!” when the “boom” sounded and “L O S T” floated up. This one flew by.

    So did Sun recognize Locke from her own timeline or was she having a parallel memory moment? I can’t remember if they’ve met in the alt timeline.

    I like that Desmond ran Locke down because he cares. Now Locke will be able to walk again! He’ll believe! And somehow he’ll absorb David Shepherd’s life force so that he can reclaim his main timeline body when the two timelines merge.

  5. I was thinking the same thing, vis-a-vis, Jack as the new Jacob, until my coworker pointed out that Desmond is traveling around Los Angeles “touching” all the survivors and bringing back their memories.

  6. Jack is definitely Jacob’s champion against the Man In Black, even if he doesn’t survive to become Jacob’s Replacement. It began with John vs. Jack and ends with John vs. Jack. And Desmond in the middle.

  7. Just like FLOCKE (Fake Locke) couldn’t kill Jacob himself so he got Ben to do it, he had to have Sayid kill Desmond… I think Desmond is the new Jacob… does anyone remember if they say his name on the wall in the cave?

  8. Flocke is running out of people to pull aside with his expository “can I talk to you for a minute” moments that seem to last all night. I feel sorry for Miles.

    Are there any theories around the SBM about Lapidus? Is he the series Rosencrantz? A Red Shirt? A Red Herring? Or maybe’s he’s secretly God or something. I like the guy — hope he doesn’t go the way of Ilana.

  9. Although I appreciated such heretofore unknown LOST revelations as Jack asking a direct question, and this had action and revelations galore, I also didn’t think it was too well directed — esp. the Sun/Jin reunion, something they’ve been etasing all season which was out-acted by a giant metal pylon.

    Also now that people are running around and Doing Things, there is that certain inevitable let down feeling. But hell-bent-to-finale.

    I understand that the night of the finale, following the two hour wrap-up, Darlton will be on Jimmy Kemmel answering All the Questions. Set your Timers!

  10. To go with Jack’s belief in the island as a sign of him being the new Jacob?

    Sawyer’s hellbent determination to get the hell off of the island.

    I just keep coming back to this idea that the early episodes had Sawyer as Jack’s foil. And even after all the growth for Sawyer’s character over subsequent seasons, I like the idea of symmetry that goes with Sawyer being the new MiB.

  11. “He changed his mind.” Stupid, stoooopid Jack!! I suppose the Plot endgame’s in play, and Linde(x)cuse gotta have their chess/backgammon in the proper positions—
    so we’ll be seeing even MORE unexpected and surprising character turn-arounds in the last 4 shows?

    Am glad that the fanfic-like LAX Alt-verse is coming to an end. The sometimes-blatant machinations to draw together ALL Island’ers into the LA Basin got a bit tiring… and their payoff in this episode was welcomed.
    Too bad they couldn’t get “Eko” to be that building’s security guard, nor Bai Ling as Jack’s O.R. nurse, though…

  12. The series finale of Battlestar Galactica was spectacular. You could cut the tension with a knife on the last episodes. I don’t feel that with LOST. It looks like they’re in a rush of answering all the questions they risen in 5 years.

  13. Somebody–I disagree. Almost every episode this season has been centered around a single character and the overall pacing (until last night) has been pretty slow.

    As of last night’s episode, though, it was like they said, “Yikes! We gotta cram a bunch of stuff in before the end!”

    Add me to the list of people who thought there was going to be an unfortunate event at the electric fence. I cringed.

    I thought last night’s episode was too busy. Let’s go here, no let’s go here, oh, wait I changed my mind.

  14. I’m curious if they didn’t want people to cringe at the fence scene. The woman leader stated on her walkie to “turn the pylons off”, but still I could totally see this show with all it’s “you’ve waited years to see them get back together, just to have us FRY them!” LOL But then, that’s what I love about Lost, you never know what’s gonna happen!

    It was a letdown, but then how can you top the Penny/Des reunion. It’s all downhill from there.

    I find it extremely funny that in many ways, it seems the writers were going “man, what are we going to write for all these last season episodes?” and then all the sudden it’s “Holy crap, we have all this explanation to do and there are only like four episodes left!? Cram, cram!” I thought that was the entire point of the final season, to explain things OVER the length of the episodes, not do it in three. LOL

    Apparently, I’m hearing we should all bring tissues for the next episode. So I have a feeling the dreaded deaths are about to begin. Apparently lots of major characters are about to meet their end. Sniff. (Well, that’s what I’ve been hearing online for months now.)

  15. In the alt-timeline, Sun and Locke have never met. She was experiencing a parallel memory moment, and I suspect we’re going to be seeing a lot of those in the remaining eps.

    The Jin/Sun reunion…meh. All in all, a bit of a letdown. Nathan’s right, after Desmond and Penny reuniting, everything else seems second-hand.

    Okay…I know a few spoilers. Quite a few spoilers. Naturally, I won’t reveal them. What I will say is that there’s a really nasty scene coming. Yes, Nathan, get the hankies ready.

    What I am wondering is this: the number of answered questions: Team Darlton said they would all be revealed. Are they waiting for the two-hour final episode to let ALL the cats out of the bag?

  16. Darlton will appear on Kimmel the Friday before the finale.

    They will pre-tape some sort of message for the Kimmel special on Sunday, but they’re going to stick to their promise of radio silence after the finale airs and not appear in person.

    Or so they claim on the Lost podcast. :)

  17. You know what I would LOVE for the two hour season finale. The last hour could be “a to b to c to d to…” – “This means that, and this means this and the shark was, and the smoke monster was…” don’t even do it as a storyline, just do it as one of those recap episodes they do at the beginning of every season to get new viewers. I’d LOVE that. An answer for it all.

    Unfortunately I know they won’t be doing that.

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