Read it for yourself. A researcher working with the MIlton Caniff family has found a treasure trove of original Steve Canyon art!!

Archive supporter, John Ellis is working with the family of Milton Caniff on a DVD release of the live action Steve Canyon television series, which debuted in September of 1958 on NBC. In searching through the family’s collection of memorabilia, John stumbled across a batch of original inks of daily and Sunday pages that the family didn’t realize that they had. The estate of Milton Caniff has generously allowed the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive to digitize the material for inclusion in our cartoon database.

Much more stunning art in the link. “I wonder if they can get that film back from Calcutta in time to show the Crag Hag.” We have no idea what that means, but for sure it means ADVENTURE!
[Link via Boing Boing]


  1. Context for “get that film back”: Steve Canyon ordered a film to show the Crag Hag (in reality, the beautiful Princess Snowflower) what life was like in the U. S. The film was “The Best Years of Our Lives.”