One benefit of this column’s delay is, for once, a chance to read the legions of blogs and chats about the show before writing. So, in lieu of a running diary after the jump, some quick thoughts.

* Nerds all over the net seem to be reveling in all the parallels between Sayid’s test in the temple and Han Solo being tortured in one of the Star Wars movies. I’ll take your word for it, not having seen any of the original trilogy since their theatrical release.

* A more interesting parallel can be found between last night’s scene and when Sayid was tortured by Rousseau back in season one. Seems like the tests were very similar. Could “the Sickness” now be tied into being possessed by MIB or taking a dip in the Lazarus Pit?

* Speaking of Rousseau, Claire is the new Rousseau? How about that?

* I’m sure many ladies will disagree, but I have no time for weepy Sawyer.

* If you were sideways Claire, would you really trust the woman who stole your cab at gunpoint and then came back with your bag?

* Sideways Ethan seemed like a good guy. But you can’t help but wonder if he is.

* Anyone else expect to see Ana Lucia as the policeman who showed up looking for “Joan Hart?”

* Is it just me or did Dogen say “poison” just like the sushi chef in The Simpsons epsiode where Homer ate the fugu?

All in all, an okay episode, but grading on the “No Locke and No Ben” scale, it was pretty good.


  1. Certainly the strangest part for me was seeing Mac from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” appear. I love that show too, but it and LOST should never collide. I am glad they killed him off already.

  2. I had the same reaction to seeing Mac there. I was actually a bit disappointed when a little renegade Danny Devito didn’t come out of the woods shortly after. It’s cool we know where Claire is now, but comeon! Danny Devito!

  3. I think it’s going to be key to go back and watch a lot of season 1 as this season unfolds. A lot of Rousseau references coming back: pillar of black smoke, her old traps. And now the idea that what happened to her happened to Claire in a way. Except Aaron escaped, while Alex was raised by the others.

    And the “infection” that Rousseau talked about that had infected her team.

  4. I’ve found that the Locke/MIB = smoke monster revelation and the Claire’s the new Rousseau to be totally anti-climatic. I still love the show but then I’m a guy and I don’t mind the still weepy Sawyer.

  5. Mac from IASIP (Rob McElhenney) appeared as this same Other (Aldo) back in season three. He was guarding the station where Carl was being Clockwork Oranged.

  6. I have seen a lot of complaining about how Claire wouldn’t get back in the cab with the crazy woman who held her at gunpoint. I think that it is being established that the sideways-castaways all feel a connection with each other that they don’t understand (as in Kate’s double take when she saw Jack) and that’s why Claire felt comfortable getting back in the cab with Kate.