Time once again for the “Lost” running diary after the jump. Spoilers ahoy, you are forewarned. A brief mention
about the clip show before the premiere. Michael Emerson could probably spend the rest of his career doing voice-overs. So very great.

9:01 – This recap would be more helpful if we hadn’t just had a clip show for an hour.
9:02 – At least we didn’t start with Jack’s eye.
9:03 – Weekly Woodsman?
9:03 – You can let go now.
9:05 – First bit of weirdness. What was Desmond reading?
9:06 – Underwater?
9:09 – Déjà vu all over again
9:10 – Kate’s Eye.
9:13 – Guest star credits reveal too much.
9:14 – I guess the favorite curse word in the Lostverse is “son of a bitch”
9:15 – Our first undead returnee.
9:17 – When did Jin’s English get so good?
9:18 – Sayid’s Choice instead of Sophie’s Choice for Jack?
9:19 – Hurley sees dead people? OR was Jacob rebooted too after the bomb?
9:22 – So, is Shannon not on this plane?
9:26 – Everyone says they’re the good guys. Even Ben did once.
9:27 – Ben’s skills at lying seem on the wane.
9:33 – Again, with the temple.
9:35 – Was Desmond reading OUR MUTUAL FRIEND?
9:36 – Chasing the Dragon is still a bad idea for Charlie.
9:39 – This might be more screen time for Cindy the Stewardess than in the first 5 seasons combined.
9:43 – Shouldn’t everyone know who is Jacob by now?
9:45 – Fat Guy = Red Shirt
9:46 – Smoke Monster coming in 5 4 3 2 1.
9;47 – There are ways around a ring of protection.
9:48 – QUESTIONS ANSWERED: 1 (sort of)
9:54 – Please let this be the beginning of Sawyer’s heel turn.
9:56 – Is that a return of Greg Grunberg as the captain over the PA?
9:57 – the return of the end-of-show montage
10:04 – Does Sawyer know Miles can talk to dead people?
10:06 – HA. Missing coffin
10:10 – The whispering is back. So has it always been “the real Others” and not, as some thought last year, the cast hearing themselves time displaced?
10:16 – Head wound same place for Edward the Federal Marshal?
10:17 – No “Freckles?”
10:20 – New characters? Look, another member of the Deadwood Alumni Association.
10:22 – That’s a big ankh.
10:23 – A trojan ankh.
10:23 – Too bad that wasn’t Ben’s List from Season 2.
10:24 – Fountain of Youth at the Temple?
10:29 – So, is that money still in Jin’s suitcase?
10:31 – The Island has a Lazarus Pit.
10:32 – I guess this is the trade-off for Ben’s dip in the pool after being shot by Sayid.
10:34 – Dead. Or “dead?”
10:39 – Something bad is going to happen to either Sayid or Nadia because of Kate.
10:42 – Or maybe Claire.
10:44 – Nothing saying enlightened Japanese guy like doing Bonsai.
10:46 – But… Rose didn’t want to leave?
10:47 – Damn creepy Terry O’Quinn there. Straight out of THE STEPFATHER.
10:48 – “Home is where you wear you hat.”
10:52 – Miles knows that he’s not dead.
10:55 – The friendliest Jack and Locke have ever been.
10:56 – Uh oh.
10:57 – Black Rock reference?
10:59 – That’s got to be leading to a Christian Shephard appearance.


  1. Oh no… I see what you’re doing! Give me admin privileges, ask me to post a few articles, maybe water the plants while you “step out to get some cigarettes”… Nope! nosireeBUB! It’s a nice view from the stage, but I prefer to stay down here in the peanut gallery.

    But if you need a beta testing guinea pig for the new site, maybe ask for some constructive criticism on the design, need help moving bookcases up five flights of stairs… I’ll be happy to help! (Will you have a secret slide to the BeatBoat cove?)

  2. So – Jacob ‘s got himself a new body in the form of Sayid, huh?

    Jack’s offer to Locke to have a look at his case makes me think this season will see the redemption of all our characters in the “restored” timeline. (We’ll see Charlie go straight, for example.) As for where that leaves everyone back on the island… We saw the statue leg under thousands of feet of water as the 815 passed over the former site of the island, so does that mean the Losties are now forever trapped in their “pocket universe” on the island?

  3. Quite a number of significant, even major, characters were missing from the plane in the alternate timeline.
    Most notably Michael/Walt/Vincent, but also Shannon (explained by Boone), Eko, Anna-Lucia, Libby, and Nikki/Paulo.
    Also, Claire was not seen on the plane itself, only in the cab leaving the airport.

    It is also not clear whether or not Bernard & Rose survived in the main timeline, or whether Rose still has cancer in the alternate timeline.

    Regarding Christian Shephard possibly re-appearing. Previous manifestations can be explained by Jacob’s Opponent assuming Christian’s appearance in the same way that he assumes Locke’s appearance. Perhaps he can only do this trick with dead people?

  4. So does this present the possibility that the still Losties could meet up with their Non-Lost dopplegangers?
    Nice work by Terry O’Quinn in this ep, playing feeble pre-island Locke and Reborn Smoke-Monster Locke.
    Once Lost is finished , can I never ever see Mathew Foxs’ anguised mug again!

  5. Libby and Michael are confirmed as appearing in this season, and we’ll see Charlie agin in at least 2-3 more episodes. So I’m guessing we’re going to see how things turn out for everyone who was on that flight in the original timeline, even if they weren’t on the flight itself in the “new” timeline.

    Carlton says the numbers will figure prominently in the next few weeks, so that’s good to know. It bothered me a while back when he said they might leave that unexplained.

    Now w just need an appearance from Walt (child or teen version) and there should be no strings left dangling. (It was reported that there was a scene filmed between Jack and child Walt a few years ago, for inclusion in the finale; that would be interesting.)

  6. Also, regarding Desmond’s appearance on the plane…
    It has already been established in previous seasons that Desmond is “special” with respect to time-travel due to his exposure to the bizarre energy resulting from his ignition of the hatch / Swan Station explosion.
    His unexpected presence on the plane and subsequent disappearance may be at least partially a result of his special nature.

  7. “So – Jacob ’s got himself a new body in the form of Sayid, huh?”

    Maybe not. Did you notice that Miles seemed a little puzzled about “dead” Sayid… apparently not able to hear his ghost?

  8. Miles doesn’t hear ghosts he just can replay the last thoughts the person had. Only Hurley can talk to their “spirits” maybe playing up that the mind and spirit are two very different things.

  9. The other theory is that perhaps Sayid said something similar to Juliet… how he could see the other reality … and that freaked Miles out.

    Personally, though, I don’t think Sayid is gone or possessed by Jacob. (Possession hasn’t happened on the show as far as I could see, so I’m discounting it for now unless proven wring). I DO think that Sayid somehow acquired some super Angel of Vengeance powers that will make him a factor in a face-off with Locke/Smokey, though.

  10. Yay— the Soap Opera for the Comic-Con crowd [tm patent pending] has finally returned! Much to digest in this ultimate season Premiere; figure that the true value of the episode will be in light of the suceeding ones…

    Immediate reactions: Where were the ‘Tailies’? Have they been retroactively erased in significance– there were no mention of em in the pre-Premiere recap? (Or have the actors playing Ana Lucia and Mr. Eko burned their bridges with the LOST producers to prevent them from being back?)

    Knew something was up with the suddenly-significant stewardress/air hostess being given all them lines. Is the new Japanese natio-linguist a reaction to all the Korean being spoken on the show? Where was the “Waaaaaaaaaaaalt”‘s father?

    So… Locke wasn’t killed by the Man In Black/Fake-Locke/Smoke Monster because he was ‘Good’ or still-had-some-redemption-to-be-done (unlike the now-unimportant Mr. Eko, say)— but because MIB/FL/SM wanted him to be the ‘avatar’ of Jacob’s demise?

    And they had Juliet be alive for the Premiere… only to kill her off 10 minutes later?? Way to dimish the character’s pay-off for that still-wtf
    “I changed my mind” turnaround; the new “It worked” merely served as scenic segue for Timeline 2. Wich raises the question on just HOW will the still-LOSTies and the scattered-LAXers be re-merged…

    And it’s has to be Jacob in that revived Sayid. [Right?]

    Only 15 more episodes to go. I’m hoping that the presence of Cuse and Lindehof will help Abrams wrap up this series better than his previous
    ‘Others’… ;)

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