UPDATE: You can see a cache of Marvel/Lost crossovers here.

LOST is back in full force this week with the premiere of what everyone hopes won’t be a severely strike-shortened 8-episode long Season 4. Long dormant Lost blogs are firing up to hunt new Easter eggs, and one of them reveals that in addition to an ongoing online game, there’s also a big Marvel/Lost tie-in:

In a bid to create further excitement showfor Lost, ABC has announced a mash-up with Marvel Comics. You can discover elements from the show in a number of Marvel Comics titles. ABC marketing has strategically placed images and references from the show in various comic books, including Uncanny X-Men, Incredible Hercules, Thunderbolts and Wolverine Origins. It is interesting to note that some of them promote Find815.com, while others give reference to Jack and the other characters being found.

We hadn’t seen much reference to this around the net, but it’s fun stuff for Lost-philes.

As for the current season, were very glad we watched Wednesday’s “enhanced” version of the Season 3 finale because we didn’t remember ANY of it–the boat, the hatch, Locke and Walt…all that stuff. We did remember the flash forward and the death of Charlie. However, LOST has pretty much been dead to us since it went off the air last May. But now the game’s afoot and we can all play along again. Who was in that coffin anyway?


  1. My folks and I have decided to watch all 68 episodes before the premiere tonight. We started about three weeks ago, and we lost some serious time when my nephew was born, but we watched three more episodes last night. It’s been lots of fun so far and you pick up on a lot more of the recurring themes/images when you watch several in a row. Not to mention its just a great refresher to psyche you up to see new stuff.

    At this point though, I really wish I had brought pen and paper to these viewings because there are things I’d like to count, such as:

    How many times does Boone get beat up?
    How many times does Jack get really emotional, tear up, but not quite start crying?
    How many times does Sayid fix something electrical without any proper tools?
    How many times did they mention black and white in the first season (and why did they stop that somewhere in the second)?

    I’m not really into reading other people’s theories on things, but my guess for the dead guy is either Ben, Locke, or another character we have yet to come across.

    — Jonathan

    P.S. If you’re wondering which of the above is greatest, Jack nearly crying happens far more than the others on the list.

  2. Check out Captain America #34. There’s an Oceanic news story in the background of one of the panels. When I read it, I was thinking WTF?

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