Due to an unexpected situation arising tonight, no Lost running diary.

Feel free to use this space as a discussion place for tonight’s episode.

posted by Mark Coale


  1. What year did Ben kill the villagers with the gas attack? Didn’t somebody in the show say history cannot be changed? If that’s true, then the bomb cannot go off, as it would destroy the village before Ben’s takeover of the village. LL

  2. I think the plan is to detonate the bomb not under the village but over at the Swan Station where the “incident” will occur.

    ‘Course now you gotta wonder if the incident is the work of Dr. Chang, or Jack trying to follow Farraday’s instructions with the bomb.

  3. The show was great lat night. So many new twists and turns. It’s going to be a hell of a ride. The CGI sub was a bit too fake as it went into the ocean. Damn hi-def TV.

  4. There’s always the question of whether the writers intentionally do things with the characters or not with TV shows like this. Generally, with Lost, I think most things are intentional.

    It makes Jack’s character pretty interesting right now as much as I know Mark can’t stand him.

    He’s perfectly willing to stand between Kate and a bullet so that she can walk away because she wants to, yet he’s completely unwilling to even consider what would happen to her if they undid the crash of Flight 815. She more or less tosses it into his face and he just stares on uncaring and unconsidering and babbles on about getting Boone and co. back or whatever.

    It’s not that he’s weighing things out and making a conscious decision. He doesn’t even CONSIDER that he’d be sending Kate to her probable execution.

    I find that really interesting considering the lengths he’d go (putting himself and the current ‘mission’ at risk just because she wants to take her ball and go back to the DHARMA camp) for her.

    It’s definitely Jack’s way or the highway. Totally patronizing. In his head, he has to fix things. All of his mistakes are weighing on him and this is the only way to make things right, one surgical cut, via a hydrogen bomb, to fix everything. Presumably, his mind/mental state/dementia isn’t even letting him consider the Question of Kate. I know a lot of people don’t think much of him as a character, but I think it’s playing out pretty interestingly.

    As for Sawyer, you have to feel for him. He finally decides on happiness, finally decides that he can have what he’s tossed away throughout his life, and then he gets a massive dose of “The Island isn’t done with you yet” in the form of a giftwrapped Kate. One of the best part of this season has been Juliet slowly reaching a boiling point. You have to wonder how much more she can take.

  5. @Tone: Agree on the sub. It looked like a bad video game.

    A lot of questions were answered in this episode (as far as Lost goes). Nice to see they’re working towards the end.