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Defamer reports that MADtv has been cancelled after its 14th season.:

Though the high-profile political season has gifted Saturday Night Live with some killer ratings, it apparently hasn’t floated all sketch comedy boats. Rumors started circulating today that Fox’s MADtv was canceled in the middle of its fourteenth season, so Defamer checked in with one of our operatives to get the scoop:

“It’s true,” said the highly-placed source. “We’re finishing out the season, then we’re done.”

Fox had been experimenting with potential MADtv replacements over the last few years, though none of its hush-hush, taped pilots ever made it to series. We’re hearing, though, that the network has currently decided to keep its other late-night offering, Talk Show with Spike Feresten. Developing!

You, like us, are probably shocked and stunned to find out that MADtv was still on. (Dear God… are JAG and DIAGNOSIS MURDER still on too?) As the above graphic shows, it even boasted a cute, earnest young cast of up-and-coming comics that no one has ever heard of.

SMALLVILLE has been on for a while as well, but we hope some day MADtv gets its due as one of the longest-running comic book-based TV shows of all time.


  1. This hasn’t been the best season of MAD TV, but it at least parodies shows like HOUSE and GREY”S ANATOMY, instead of out of date local talk shows and game shows like SNL typically does. And there are many talented cast members who should get scooped up by SNL to beef up the big show–without Fey and Poehler, there isn’t much star power left on SNL.

  2. Uh, yeah… I had no idea it was still on. All I know is that whenever you turn on Comedy Central in the middle of the day, ever, you see Mad TV. The same episode. The one where someone uses a funny voice.

  3. I liked the crazy gym teacher sketches where the guy had a tie around his t-shirt and stupidly short shorts while routinely freaking out at students, teachers, etc.

  4. ” … it even boasted a cute, earnest young cast of up and coming comics that no one has ever heard of, either.”

    MAD TV was always a funny show, unlike SNL. And that program, too, began with a cute, earnest young cast that no one had heard of, also.

  5. Mad Tv was better than SNL for at least 4-5 seasons. The last 2 or 3 though however have not been as good. They keep losing their best cast members.

  6. that is a shame. another network should pick it up right away. its 100 times better, funnier and more cutting edge than snl

  7. I would think, off the top of my head, the most successful alums are Artie Lange (not dead), Nicole Sullivan and Phil LaMarr.

    But it’s not like any of them have had a post-SNL career like Eddie or Bill Murray or Will Ferrell.

  8. I think I gave up on Mad TV when I turned 12. Did it become not horrible at some point in the intervening 7 years?

  9. As far as alums go, Frank Caliendo is doing just fine for himself, with his own Comedy Central TV show “Frank TV,” weekly appearances on Fox’s football coverage, and a series of Dish Network commercials (which easily have to be the most obnoxious things EVER).

  10. I should correct myself: I meant to say, anyone OTHER than Phil LeMarr has gone on to do anything else??

    Artie Lange?


    Give me a break. Not even remotely funny as Jackie The Jokeman or Billy West.