Don’t have time to read the award winning horror best seller, Locke & Key, by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez?  The same company that brought you Jamal Igle’s Molly Danger audio book, AudioComics, adapted the New York Times best seller for Audible. I don’t feel comfortable calling this 13 1/2 hour full production an audio book because of the amount of work that went into making this thing. The story was adapted for audio by Elaine Lee and Fred Greenhalgh. You might remember Lee from her theatre days and the iconic Starstruck series. The blockbuster cast includes Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, Kate Mulgrew from Orange Is The New Black, Jaime Alyse Andrews the leading ladyof the upcoming Kickstarter funded web series: Comic Strips, Strong Female Protagonist co-creator Brennan Lee Mulligan, and the beardless Haley Joel Osment.

Here’s an expert courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:


Lee shared some exclusive production photos so you can get a sense of what went into making this epic audio comic:

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It’s a shame Hill has taken some time away from comics. Hill spoke with MTV about his comic book hiatus, what’s next for Locke & Key, and what’s on his plate for the next three years:

MTV: Fingers crossed… But you always have the comics, right? You and Gabe have talked about revisiting the world for more stories, is that still on the docket?

Hill: I really miss writing for comics. I just read the fourth arc of “Saga,” and coming away from it it just reminded me all over again how much I love the format, and how much fun a great comic book can be. I’ve never gone a book year in terms of the novels, and I’m taking a little time to see if I can line up some work so that I can have a few years where there are back-to-back books.

There’s going to be “The Fireman” in late spring, and I think that I’ve got another book here ready to go for spring the year following — and then the year after that there’s an unfinished novel called “Gunpowder,” the first part of which was published in 2008 as a small press thing. And I kind of promised myself that I’d finish “Gunpowder.” If I wait much longer I’ll forget what happens in it. So I guess the answer on that is… Mmm, yeah, I’m kind of taking a little time off from comics. With that said there’s a really good chance that I’ll write the pilot for “Locke and Key” for IDW.

Click here to download your copy of Locke & Key. But don’t wait because it’s free until Nov. 4.