§ Neil Gaiman posts a cute picture of his daughter Maddie dressed as him for Halloween, but even more importantly posts a boilerplate will that any American creative type can use to assign rights to their creative works in the event of demise.
If you’re like The Beat you probably think you don’t own anything, but you actually do, so this is something everyone needs to take seriously because, you know, we’re all going to die.

§ “Women do not do any of the creative work in connection with preparing the cartoons for the screen, as that work is performed by young men. For this reason, girls are not considered for the training school. To qualify for the only work open to women one must be well grounded in the use of pen and ink and also of water color. The work to be done consists of tracing the characters on clear celluloid sheets with India ink and filling in the tracings on the reverse side with paint according to directions.”

Wade Sampson looks into the early history of female animators at Disney.

§ Political silly season embroils family of Charles Schulz:

It seems that that Congressional candidate John Doolitte (R-CA) has annoyed the family of Charles Schulz by sending out flyers disparaging his opponent, who happens to be named Charlie Brown, with titles like “Good Grief, Charlie Brown!” and so on. You’ll have to watch a little video to see the story, but is there no depths to which we are not sinking in these mid-terms?


  1. Huh. Those in glass houses should not throw stones. If Mr. Brown wishes to retaliate, it is a simple series of steps from “Doolitte” to “Dolittle” and “Do Little.” With, of course, some animals in there. Maybe a donkey kicking some elephant ass.

  2. Holy Hannah! Am I the only person seeing what appears to be an original CHARLES ADDAMS on the wall?

    Be still my heart!

  3. Sorry to be off-topic – but are you the same “Alex Cox” who directed REPO MAN and WALKER?

    I don’t know if the Addams is an original – but isn’t that the (in)famous ADDAMS FAMILY Christmas one with the carollers singing as Morticia, Fester(?) and Lurch prepare to dump boiling oil on them? :D

    Tim Liebe
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