§ Via the comments: The last word in indie vs superhero.

§ Entertainment Weekly has a list of graphic novels that tie in to summer’s big comic book movies. Interesting note: in many cases there ISN’T a direct tie-in. Marvel in particular has a sprawling landscape of reprints that doesn’t necessarily easily lend itself to a table at the front of Barnes & Noble promoting summer movies. No wonder it’s easier to go with the bed sheets.

§ Gary Tyrell talks with Joey Manley and John Boeck of the newly VC empowered ComicSpace/Webcomics Nation:

Fleen: What percentage of the combined companies will be retained by the original owners, and what percentage sold to the investors? And, what was the monetary goal in the investment round?

Manley: Josh and I are individually and collectively the largest investors. E-Line and other investors are minority stakeholders.

John: We are closely held; we didn’t throw things open to a flood of investors. The majority of [ComicSpace investors] have participated here at NYCC.

Manley: The goal was to ‘break even’, which we met. Since closing [on 26 December 2007], both the top- and bottom-line numbers have exceeded projections.

§ Elayne Riggs’ photo journal of NYCC.

§ Anne Ishii takes names:

Speaking of X-Men a la 21st century film franchise…This guy. Cyclops, but with eye-shield worn over his regular wire-frame glasses. Classic. Anyway, this guy had the best of the dorkiest introductory deliveries: I’m about to ask you guys something you’ve probably never been asked before in your life. It’s a favor… Could you pin my jacket to my pants? They’re falling down. Candace obliged our young man. Later, I pinned the note from his mom with their address and emergency contact along with an inhaler, to his forehead.

§ Batman Ice Cream’s dark secret!

§ Innocent little child in Bugaboo kidnapped by Stormtroopers.


  1. Sure, you can go the EW route, but why not check out a far more comprehensive, chronologically ordered list of the Batman books that lead up to the “Dark Knight” film storyline (roughly):


    Now THAT is a link that should be clicked! ;)

  2. I hope no one listens to them about picking up The Long Halloween. Truly one of the least entertaining Batman stories I have ever read, and that’s saying something considering I have read the entire catalog of David V Reed.

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