§ Mike Mignola gets his Daily News profile moment:

In his typically self-effacing manner, Mignola writes it off, saying, “‘Gaslight’ put me on the map, and then I careened off into projects that nobody gave a shit about.”

One such project was the comic adaptation of Francis Ford Coppola’s “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” which was a kind of homecoming for the artist, who refers to the original novel as his biggest influence.

“At age thirteen, reading ‘Dracula,’ I remember thinking, ‘Oo, this is it. This is the thing.’ That sent me off on the whole folklore thing, the whole style of Victorian gothic. Dracula was it.”

§ Dark Horse has redesigned their website. H/t: Brigid,

§ Grant Morrison has also redesigned his site, which is sad because now we can’t find those pictures of him in his underwear.

§ ALTHOUGH, Rich Johnston says if you register you get exclusive content from the Morrison site. Rich also has a preview of a new Britcom about superheroes called NO HEROICS. A sample:

Claire Keelan (“Nathan Barley,” “A Cock And Bull Story”) plays a second generation hero with parental issues and powers straight out of “Ex Machina,” who is much happier to know where her next cigarette and bottle of vodka is coming from than saving the day. Willing to let grudges and apathy get in the way of her superheroing. Tells the cigarette vending machine “give me fags” for free smokes. Excellent.

That is the greatest name for a superhero ever. We expect this to be heavily downloaded.