Newsarama reports on the latest cross town shuffle with the Phantom Stranger, a.k.a. Bill Rosemann going back to Marvel after a 4-year break:

In October of 2002, Rosemann left Marvel, and by early 2003, had joined CrossGen as Director of Marketing Communications. Rosemann eventually rose to the position of Senior VP – Publishing at CrossGen, and served in that position during the diversification of the publisher’s line to include such titles as El Cazador, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Abadazad. Amidst the company’s financial troubles of late 2003-2004, Rosemann left the company in April of 2004, and joined DC the following November.

Rosemann was apparently caught in the changes that went through DC’s Marketing Department, and was named Manager, Marketing Communications in mid-June of 2005, however, this move was undone roughly two weeks later, and saw Rosemann return Creative Services by the end of June, 2005.

Rosemann’s move from DC to Marvel comes a little over a month over Editor Mike Marts’ move from Marvel Editorial (X-Men Group Editor) to DC.