by Zachary Clemente

ZeldaALttPComic-610Way back in the early 90s, Nintendo Power published a serialized run of The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past limited comic series. Viz announced today that they’ve acquired the rights to the comic and are reprinting it in a full-color volume, available on May 5th. With story and art by manga master Shotaro Ishinomori of Kamen Rider and Cyborg 009 fame, this is a real treat for a fan of either the video game franchise or manga creator.

Widely considered one of the best games in the Legend of Zelda franchise, A Link To The Past saw life on the SNES, Gameboy Advance, and Virtual Console. Ishinomori’s comic following the overall arch of the game while expanding on certain characters and adding new plot twists.


This isn’t anywhere near a new adventure for Viz, however. They also publish a Legend of Zelda manga based off of other games in the franchise by Akira Himekawa (the collaboration of two women, A. Honda and S. Nagano; the first 10 volumes of which are available in a boxed set.


  1. I remember quite enjoying the Link to the Past comic as an adolescent when it was first serialized, it’ll be interesting to reread it more than twenty years on and see whether it holds up. Now I just wonder if this means we’ll eventually get some of the other odd comics published in Nintendo Power reprinted. Super Mario Adventures? Howard & Nester?

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