Continuing with the surge in graphic novel publishing for middle grades, Lion Forge has just announced a new imprint focused on readers aged 8-12: Caracal, which takes its places between the CubHouse  (early readers) and Roar (young adult) imprints. (This website is owned by Syndicated Comics, a sister company of Lion Forge.)

While new titles for the imprint will be announced at Book Expo this week, some previously published CubHouse books will be moved under the Caracal umbrella, including

Encounter by Chris Giarrusso, Art Baltazar, and Franco
The Wormworld Saga by Daniel Lieske
Sheets by Brenna Thummler
Glintby Sam Sattin and Ian McGinty

“Our mission remains a firm commitment to graphic storytelling for every kind of reader, regardless of age or family background,” says David Steward II, Lion Forge CEO and founder in a statement. “As we began to see demand grow for further age segmentation in comics to reach every audience, we looked for ways to continue to diversify our line across age groups. Caracal is our commitment to delivering the kind of content parents and educators can get behind at home or in the classroom.”

“The market for middle-grade comics has really exploded over the past few years and is showing every sign of continuing that phenomenal growth,” says Andrea Colvin, Lion Forge editor in chief. “Our previously announced middle-grade titles, such as Brenna Thummler’s Sheets and Sam Sattin and Ian McGinty’s Glinttrilogy, have garnered huge early buzz, and we are looking forward to further promoting, through the Caracal line, authentic and engaging comics stories for middle-grade readers. Lion Forge’s outreach efforts to schools and libraries and strong commitment to marketing perfectly position the company to reach out to these young readers with the inclusive stories and characters we are known for.”

“This new imprint reflects Lion Forge’s commitment to providing readers and educators books that are intelligent, relatable, and sensitive to a middle-grade audience,” says Jill Gerber, director of education outreach and collections. “As a bridge between developmental stages of early readers and YA books, our middle-grade books offer all of the advantages of graphic literature while building on the visual literacy foundation of picture books.”

Caracal will offer books for readers ages 8–12 focused on preteen characters in relatable situations across genres, including age-appropriate superheroes, science fiction, and fantasy.

The imprint takes its names from the caracal, an adorable mid-sized wild cat that some people like to keep as pets. SO CUTE.