The folks at Penny Arcade are running “Rob Liefeld Pose”* contest to promote the Liefeld inspired video game Comic Jumper. And artist Rob Liefeld entered it himself.

Liefeld, 43, once starred in an ad for Levi’s 501 jeans, and the photo reveals that he’s stayed in shape since his modeling days.


If webcomics are so great why can’t they get permalinks?Okay okay Penny Arcade does have permalinks! I just couldn’t find them with my grope and click method.


  1. Or he’s sucking in his gut. Unless you’re massively overweight, it’s not THAT hard to do for the duration of a single photograph. (Um, so I’ve heard.)

    Interesting that Leifeld seems to be going the Tommy Wiseau route in the eyes of comics fandom. What used to be pure, venomous hate has slowly morphed into a kind of quasi-affectionate, pseudo-camp, “so-bad-it’s-almost-not-entirely-bad” attitude.

  2. He’s in great shape. Has massive amounts of money. Good. Good for him.(is there an emoticon that represents a piece of one’s soul dying?)

  3. “What used to be pure, venomous hate has slowly morphed into a kind of quasi-affectionate, pseudo-camp, “so-bad-it’s-almost-not-entirely-bad” attitude.”

    Nope, sorry. Still pure, venomous hate in this corner. And he looks a dick.

  4. So my question is, does anyone know if Rob is a total d*ck, or is he a nice guy? I really can’t deal with his art, but you know, if he was a nice guy, I might change my mind about him. (But I’m betting he’s total ego. Am I wrong? I hope so.)

  5. I also thought the permalink comment was odd, Nick. But playing with the front page does reveal that you can’t get to the pages for the individual posts from there, which is strange. You can get to them through the feed (which gives you the individual posts) or by going into the post archives and then moving forward, which gives you the entire period-between comics-worth. Webcomics using Comicpress don’t have this problem, but I imagine Penny Arcade is probably using something custom built.

    Still, as this article demonstrates, it’s a problem. As the industry leader, the Penny Arcade crew should probably spend the money to fix it before the get around to the site’s next face lift.

    Hey, at least they aren’t using Flash.

  6. i met liefeld a couple of years ago at a con and scored a sketch from him (no feet). he is a cat that most definitely bops to his own beat. to answer answer nathan’s question ‘total d*ck or nice guy”? it’s hard to say. he wasn’t rude or anything like that (to me anyway) quite polite actually, but he does come off as quite serious with little or no sense of humor (IMO). who knows, maybe he was having a crappy day that day.

  7. I met Liefeld at the Emerald City Comic Con a few years ago. He liked my comics, and we had some good laughs over them. Nice guy who takes business seriously.

  8. Thanks for posing this! I normally get caught up with PA on the weekends- Since I read The Beat every day I saw this post and I was able to score the xbox! Also thanks to Mr. Liefeld for inspiring me..

  9. I’ve met Rob on several occasions and he’s easily one of the nicest guys in comics. In addition that the guy is funny as hell. No lie…If he wasn’t working in comics he would still be famous in some shape or form. Could easily be a comedian. He’s just as big a fanboy as the rest of us if not more… He definitely doesn’t deserve the crap he gets thrown his way. =)

  10. Sorry, but I have a hard time expressing anything but disgust for the clearly-expressed homophobia of Rob Liefeld.

    I wish he would just go away….

  11. FYI, Comic Jumper wasn’t particularly inspired by Liefeld’s art. The Penny Arcade guys were doing a promotional piece for game. Since the game covered different art styles, PA themselves chose a Liefeld style.

  12. Totally awesome guy. met him at a few shows in SOuthern California- Wizard, Long Beach Frank & Sons,and some store signings- BEACH BALL & Golden Apple- and couldn’t have been cooler. Loves to talk comics. Waiting in line wasn’t such a drag.