The world premiere of the new STAR TREK movie was held Tuesday night in Sydney, Australia (apparently because director JJ Abrams just likes Sydney), and it was the occasion for one of our greatest dreams to COME TRUE. Karl Urban and Eric Bana — TOGETHER, SIDE BY SIDE.

Sydprem2 Urban

Karl Urban!

Sydprem2 Bana

Eric Bana!

Sadly, they were not engaged in a naked tussle in a steam room — but, you know, they look fine all gussied up, as well.

An even cooler premiere for the film — which focused on the youthful exploits of the crew of the Enterprise– took place a bit earlier when a screening of STAR TREK 2: THE WRATH OF KHAN was interrupted by the arrival of Leonard Nimoy, who proceeded to introduce a screening of the new film. Talk about a hand-picked audience. /Flim rounds up early reactions to the movie, which seem to be positive.