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§ The Wood/Frazetta head-to-head that we wrote about a while back gets further examination from Uncle Eddie’s Theory Corner and the UK Forbidden Planet International Blog Log.

§ The US comic shop Forbidden Planet has a new blog, written by David Press, that’s pretty fun.

§ The site Comic Book Conventions has relaunched as, and it’s much updated and improved with information on all kinds of shows and a really, really thorough events calendar.

§ The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit has a bit on last week’s Grant Morrison and Clive Barker summit.

Among the nuggets: Morrison said he was “miserable and sick over a year” writing “Final Crisis” as he got into the head of the evil character of Darkseid. He also said he preferred working at DC over Marvel (”They love the artist and creators…At Marvel, I love them, but there’s more of a house style to create a universe.”)

§ Lucas Siegel wonders if Nerdcore is dead and what could follow.

§ A new Do Anything by Warren Ellis is up, with further delving into the history of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.