Revolutionary War, announced a few months ago, is an interconnected mini-event thingy which’ll be happening next year, using many of the Marvel UK characters. Headlined by writers Andy Lanning and Alan Cowsill, the story will start with a one-shot in January and then move into a series of focus one-shots with various stars returning.

As more information has started coming through – and as it’s our national day of burning revolutionaries in ceremonial pyres – I felt it high time we got a closer look at what’s going on with the event.

Yes, I certainly am putting on an exaggerated British accent as I type all this, thank you for asking.


Starting in January, the event will begin with Revolutionary War: Alpha, before erupting into a wave of various one-shots and stories using various characters from Marvel UK. Lanning and Cowsill, both former staff at Marvel UK, will write this issue, with Rich Elson on art (every creator involved in the event, as far as I’m aware, is from the UK and Ireland).

Captain Britain, Pete Wisdom, Death’s Head II and several other characters will be spotlighted in this issue, which will be bookended by Revolutionary War: Omega by the same creative team.


Following that, we have Dark Angel from Kieron Gillen and Dietrich Smith. Dark Angel hasn’t been seen in comics for YEARS, but the event will be bringing her back into duty.


Knights of Pendragon will be by Rob Williams and Simon Coleby, featuring Marvel’s second-most-Welsh character Dai Thomas and Pete Wisdom, along with Union Jack. YES, Pete Wisdom isn’t technically a part of Marvel UK, but let’s give him a bye for the time being.

Following that, we know details about various other issues which’ll be out later on – from February onwards – but not their order. In a Newsarama interview today with Chris Arrant, Lanning and Cowsill mention:

  • Rob Williams and Brent Anderson on Super Soldiers
  • Glenn Dakin on Motormouth
  • Alan Cowsill, Andy Lanning and Nick Roche on Death’s Head II
  • Alan Cowsill, Andy Lanning and Gary Erskine on Warheads

The question is – will they get Neil Tennant involved for an issue? He could bring back Tangerine!

As Cowsill notes, if you want more information about this than you can comprehend, you should read It Came from Darkmoor!, where I always go myself whenever I want to know more about Digitek.

Super! Smashing! GREAT!




  1. I’m still trying to find out why Captain Britain changed his costume to an earlier design than he had in CB and MI13.

  2. I really enjoyed Marvel UK back in the day, and this looks like it could be fun… especially with Gary Erskine on a book!

  3. Geez, I really forgot all about Death’s Head and Dark Angel. Great stuff. Those Marvel UK stuff that got printed over here had early Bryan Hitch art, which I drooled over because it looked so much like Alan Davis.

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