Dearest readers! Brian Truitt, that most handsome of USA Today reporters, has today revealed what DC’s Trinity War event will actually be about. There were thoughts this might be about the trinity of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman, or even the trinity of Phantom Stranger, The Question, and Pandora — but no! This will instead be a crossover storyline between the three Justice League groups!


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Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire will write the event, working together on Justice League of America, but with Johns in charge of Justice League and Lemire writing Justice League Dark. A crossover event rather than a standalone miniseries, the story will begin in Justice League #22, drawn by Ivan Reis. Doug Mahnke will then take over for Justice League of America, before lovely Mikel Janin draws Justice League Dark. The overall storyline will be six issues long, and the mathematical sorts amongst you will realise that means two issues of each series will be involved.

The storyline? Well, no idea on that one. The three teams all seem set to fight, and subplots will be involved – such as the traitor within the Justice League, the power struggle between Constantine and Zatana, and probably the incredibly unlikely fight between Katana and Wonder Woman. Joe Prado will also be involved in the artwork for the crossover. It’s all super-vague, but this is the touchstone which DC have been working towards for a long while now – their ability to nail the finish will be crucial for the long-term viability of DC as a creative brand.

The storyline starts in July.


  1. The whole storyline in six issues (barring of course what comes out after it)?

    That’s very surprising they’re keeping it so tight. But could conceivably show up Marvel if only because it doesn’t matter how many few crossover issues they have, the fact is, they never do events without having them to begin with.

  2. So you know basically as much as a site like oh, say the Aquaman Shrine, but they at least have creator support (judging from Johns, Janlin & Lemire’s twitter feeds).

  3. It seems as though this story (whatever it is) changed at some point in the last year. Or perhaps they never really had a plan and are just making it up as they go along. They led alot of people to believe that the Trinity War was going to be linked, in some part, to the Superman/Wonder Woman stunt (which I still think is rubbish). Now, it’s looking like they rewrote it? Weird.

    Doubt I’ll pick this up. I’m sure it will sell bc people still seem to shell out money for these “events.” But I’m just done with the DC brand at this point. Outside of Batman, they just aren’t doing anything compelling with their characters. The Superman reboot since the new 52 has been absolutely awful. Just total mismanagement of their brands. I think I’m just over DC as a whole.

  4. Yup clearly something went “editorial” on this event. The 3 Justice Leagues are a Trilogy? What now? Also as a long time Constantine fan I can tell you how great it is to see him in a superhero fight mash up with WW. Also Marvel as done the hero fight, literally to death at this point. So it’s DC’s Civil War, is there a new idea at DC, seriously one new idea? Going to streamline the DCU and make it accessible? Hey new readers we have 3 Justice League Teams! Not complicated you simply divide the square root of how many Marvel Avengers teams there are by…..

  5. “It’s all super-vague, but this is the touchstone which DC have been working towards for a long while now – their ability to nail the finish will be crucial for the long-term viability of DC as a creative brand.”

    No, this will all be forgotten in a few months no matter what. Long-term viability would come from allowing creative people to work under reasonable terms, including owning their own work or at least a fair share of it, and limiting editorial interference.

  6. Yes, the solicitations have come out and said this will be a mystery regarding the death of a hero – it’s unlikely to be John Stewart, however, as it looks like DC have backed away from that story in the wake of uproar from fans and critics

  7. Trinity War is an reason to drop Justice League Dark. Maybe after the cross over I’ll go back. Probably not though.

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