Eisner-nominated and Ringo Award-winning Let’s Play creator Leeanne M. Krecic AKA “Mongie” is heading to Manta with a brand new series in 2024. Dragon King Oath will be exclusive to Manta and will debut late next year, with 100 episodes planned.

Dragon King Oath follows Princess Lisette Wylgerent as she uncovers the complex world of dragons. She’s pledged to the dragon Raith because of an ancient pact, forcing her to face both her prejudice and her fear as she begins to explore the relationship between dragons and humans. 

The official synopsis reads, “Hundreds of years ago, lands were decimated from wars between man and dragons. After a significant loss of many lives to what seemed an unending war, King Wylgerent and the leader of dragons, Jorgyr, pledged an oath between king and wyrmkine.

“The Dragon King Oath is an ancient promise that binds a king and dragon to share land harmoniously. When a dragon takes residence in the grounds presided by a king, the king must pay tribute to the wyrmkine in that of a royal daughter. In return, the dragon must not harm the king or his people and protect the lands from any threat. Ancient magics binds this oath, and to defile it would result in a curse upon both bloodlines.

“Many dragons died in the wars with man, and being immortal, they have been in no rush to increase their numbers. But man breeds fast, and they live and die in the blink of a wyrmkine’s eye. Despite the passage of many human generations, the Dragon King Oath has only been invoked a small number of times. Because of this, no one knows or remembers what happens to the princesses when given to their new masters.”

Krecic’s move to Manta was announced on Sunday at New York Comic Con, marking the first major creator to join Manta from another platform. The digital comics platform launched in 2020 and has since gained success through a webcomic adaptation of the prose romance series The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams, as well as the wildly popular fantasy romance series Under the Oak Tree. 

“In Manta, I’ve found more than just a digital comics platform; I’ve found a committed team that listens, collaborates, and celebrates shared goals. As we forge ahead, I’m reminded of the ever-supportive community that has enjoyed my work and celebrated each milestone with me. I’m eager for everyone to see what’s next.”

Check out character designs from Dragon King Oath below, along with a map of the kingdom and a cover for the series.

Lisette character design from Dragon King Oath Raith character design from Dragon King Oath Grumblesnoot character design from Dragon King Oath Kobolds character design from Dragon King Oath Dragon King Oath map Dragon King Oath cover

Stay tuned for more about Krecic’s move to Manta and Dragon King Oath.