“I’m going to tear you apart from the inside.”

Is it possible that Ultron is the first truly worthwhile “dyed in the wool” bad guy that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had since Loki? He’s striking a menacing enough presence in this new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer that I’m hoping the end of toothless, dull villains like Ronan the Accuser and Malekith is nigh.

There’s quite a bit to absorb here, but watching scenes of Captain America and Ultron fight hand to hand, and Hulk and Iron Man in a massive brawl…it’s rather exhilarating stuff. I didn’t think it possible, but Marvel may actually be able to top their recent high-point in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. Here’s hoping!

It’s fun to be excited about things!

Here’s the official synopsis:

When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to The Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure.

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens May 1st.


  1. “uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure.”
    either PR people are getting sloppy and it’s written to be translated into as many languages as possible.
    or both.

  2. As I mentioned back in October, when Marvel screened both trailers for retailers…

    “Then we watched the Avengers trailer, as the boys try to lift Thor’s hammer. Ultron crashes the party, Manhattan becomes Metropolis, Tony fights the Hulk a la World War Hulk, and Stark Industry lawyers commit hari kari in anticipation of the the $1 Trillion class action lawsuit soon to be filed. (Okay, I made up that last part. But after the Battle of Midtown, with an estimated $160 Billion in damages, Tony might want to build his next mansion on Deimos.)”

    This time, I DO expect Damage Control to appear. possibly in the credit cookies. And then be spun off into a TV series.

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