If you like Fritz Lang, Giger, Superman, SIN CITY and Bernard Herrmann, you are sure to like this short SF film!


  1. Is it just me, or does this song sound a lot like sections from Madonna’s “Express Yourself” with different lyrics?

  2. Interesting … maybe Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta should approach her about doing a STARSTRUCK film.

    Nice … but I gave up three minutes into it …

  3. I basically have the same opinion with this as I do with Gaga in general–it’s interesting to look at, but then she has to start singing.

  4. I’m almost convinced that the Bernard Hermann bit is ALSO a Chris Marker bit, since this spoken intro feels (to me, anyway) vaguely like La Jetee, which draws upon Vertigo in its own way.

    Also, I see the influence of early-’70s Funkadelic mythology, or rather the process of Funkadelic mythmaking rather than any specific myth, but maybe that’s just me.