We were starting to worry that Kylie Minogue would never get to be She-Ra, an idea we’ve been unable to get out of our head for years now. She seemed perfect for the role, it’s no secret, but never took it on – prompting fans to wonder if she’d ever get to it, despite the fact that we all believed in her.

But now the word is out, and Kylie has stepped back in time for a Funny or Die video, putting on the infamous outfit. This is a triumph for everybody who put their hands up, everybody who confided their need for this to happen. Ladies and gentlemen, we CAN be so lucky. No other day will ever be better than today. Put your hand on your heart…. and watch:

Wow wow wow wow.


  1. I thought it was kinda cute. I’m not an avid TV watcher, however (now that I’m married) my wife has had the TV on and I have seen things as I walk by… and this parody video hits all the cliche hallmarks.

  2. Not all that funny, but clever. Okay, I laughed inside my brain. And enjoyed the silliness of the tropes and cliches.

  3. I love Kylie to death, but she’s about 4’11” and “fit” but not athletic at all really. So, not seeing her as She-Ra.

    I’ve heard other people for years now wanting her to play Dazzler too. That’s a much better match but I don’t really see the physical similarity, or any similarity in attitude, really.

  4. Okay… please don’t kill me, but I had to Google “Kylie Minogue” because I was unaware of who she is. But I am glad she likes She-Ra and it appears that she likes to have fun.

  5. Not knowing who she is just means you…

    1.) Aren’t old enough to be aware of some one-hit wonders in the U.S., or..
    2.) Aren’t aware of pop stars that are huge in Europe, but not here.

    Nothing worth committing a homicide over. Resume feeling safe!

  6. Well.. then I guess it’s like so many other horrible adaptions and other shows that jump the shark.

    I find it funny maybe in how bad it is. Accurately bad. Maybe that’s why it’s not too funny. They got it too right. It’s like Mutant X or Smallville or Birds of Prey or Heroes or even the decent Arrow and any number of adaptations. They take a fantastic or fantasy or out there sci fi concept and dumb it down into the boring standard tv cop or doctor or lawyer drama tropes. I guess they didn’t go over the top enough with the parody, because it just seems too plausible. Hell, I think it’s maybe a better adaption of She-Ra than that blasted Wonder Woman pilot!

    Plus the She-Ra theme song was a bit too close of a parody of Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life for comfort. Bad Daredevil flashbacks.

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