Hawkman Galactic Vengeance2
Does Baker draw like this just to make other people feel bad?


  1. Those pages are amazing. I’m a huge fan of both Hawkman and Kyle Baker so this is great news. Is Hawkman the only superhero drawn with chest hair?

  2. Dang, those pages look amazing. I would never thought of putting Kyle Baker and Hawkman together. I’ll definitely be picking this up when it comes out.

  3. I guess I haven’t seen enough doors because I thought Hawkman had a big iPhone in that panel! :P

    The page looks awesome and so does that panel… in context. ;)

  4. I have no interest in Hawkman and have never actually read a Kyle Baker comic, but ye gods that page layout. I’m sold on this just to see if I can get through it without my brain melting.

  5. Ed, if memory serves me correctly, John Byrne used to draw Superman/Clark Kent with plenty of chest hair during his time on Superman after the first Crisis.

  6. jim – this is part of an anthology, so there will be lots of characters/creators to entice readers… and DC has certainly shown a willingness in the past to do books that are amazing without smart business being the first concern (solo…).
    and in this case, i’m sure they can count on both baker’s loyal fans, and new fans who sadly would have been turned-off by his awesome “cartoony” art.