Today, DC announced that Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson would join Brian Azzarello as illustrators working with writer Frank Miller on The Dark Knight III: Master Race, which acts as the sequel to The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again.


Kubert has a storied history with the Batman franchise, illustrating titles such as Damian: Son of Batman and Flashpoint.  Janson has also illustrated a number of Batman books over the years, including the Death of the Maidens arc.  In addition, Despite reports of poor health, DC confirmed that Millar himself will also be illustrating portions of the series, which will run in eight 32 page issues.

Each of these issues will include a 16 page bonus “Dark Knight Universe” story written and drawn by a series of unannounced guest creators.  Each of these stories will focus on a different character from the broader Batman universe.  According to DC co-publisher Dan DiDio, a number of characters from the first Miller Dark Knight stories will return to the fold and go off on their own adventures in the Dark Knight Universe stories while simultaneously being integral to the plot of the main story.

This is all exciting and welcome news, but I can’t be the only one who’s grown more uncomfortable with this limited series’ title over time, right?


  1. No disrespect to the other creators involved in this, but the only “Dark Knight” project I’d be interested in reading would be one that’s written and drawn by Frank Miller.

  2. After All-star Batman and Robin and Holy Terror, Miller’s stock has fallen. Hoping it will be redeemed with DK3. I’ll try issue #1.

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