Koyama Press have released the rest of their fall line up, with 3 new titles joining the previously announced Blobby Boys from Alex Scubert. Blobby Boys will be released in September along with the collected newspaper-style strips of Cole Closser’s Little Tommy Lost, which sees a lost Tommy looking for the way home, stumbling upon adventures along the way.

I have to admit to being particularly pleased to seeing Ryan Cecil-Smith’s SF get the Koyama treatment, as I’m a big fan of his work. He’s previously released this in 2 installments, and I believe this book collects the whole saga. SF follows another child, the poppingly-monikered Hupa Dupa, who finds himself recruited into the Space Fleet Scientific Foundation Special Forces to fight the pirates who killed his parents.

Rounding up the trio of wandering little boys is Jon Vermilyea’s Fata Morgana: traversing through a collection of psycadelic panoramas through the imagination and encountering all manner of strange beasts and creatures.  Both SF and Fata Morgana will be released in November later this year.

This is another really strong line up from Koyama after Spring’s double Deforge bill; all of these books sound great. Further information on all the upcoming titles here.




  1. Wow, these all look awesome. I’m not familiar with the work of any of the artists mentioned, so it sounds like I’m in for a treat!

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