ZeldadoritosThis music thing seems to be working out for James Kochalka, with a lot of good press for his latest album and a strong showing on indie music charts. Today he writes to tell us he’s posted a new rap song about The Legend of Zelda video game on his mp3 page at AmericanElf.com. Comics, music and video games united in one mind-boggling brew! Oh god, these are the good times. James tells us:

The song is titled Old Skool White Rap, and is about the unique way that white people used to rap in commercials back in the 80’s. Directly inspired by the old Zelda television ad, it features a verse about THE LEGEND OF ZELDA as well as a verse about Cool Ranch Doritos. I’m giving the song away as a free download in honor of the new upcoming Zelda game for the Nintendo Wii.

Here’s the lyrics from the Zelda verse, which I tried to make as lame as possible:

Well, The Legend of Zelda
It is the best.
Those Moblins put you
To the test.
You open up
A treasure chest,
And you gotta save
The Princess.

However, it is very diffiucult to come up with lyrics as lame as those
in the original commerical.