Ellen Forney on Seattle NPR.

Forney will also be doing a unique reading/video performance
tomorrow at Elliot Bay in Seattle Mor einfo in the link at Flog!

Elliott Bay, Reading/Video/Performance: Wednesday, August 16, 7:30pm

ELLEN FORNEY’s biggest solo comic book project to date, I LOVE LED ZEPPELIN (Fantagraphics Books) hit bookstores in late July, and she’ll be having reading/video/performances at Elliott Bay on August 16.

What we mean by reading/video/performance:

Since comics are a visual medium, doing a regular reading isn’t really possible, so when Forney’s last book, Monkey Food, came out, she developed a “multi-media show” using a slide projector, boombox, props, and live narration, which she toured in nine U.S. cities, Canada, and Portugal. For I Love Led Zeppelin, the show is a little more high tech, with images and audio on DVD (directed by Ellen and produced by a couple of friend/techie artists) using a video projector and Forney’s live narration and props. There will be video adaptations of four of her comics, and the performance will last about 30 minutes.

GoComi’s Audry Taylor blogs from ComiKet

I went to Summer Comiket today and felt suffocated by the heat, as usual. The roasted scent of thousands of excited fans is unmistakeable. I made sure to bring water and a carry-on bag with wheels so that I wouldn’t break my back carrying around all the delicious dojinshi I bought. It gets tastier every year — mmm! Today I got to browse through Full Metal Alchemist, Gankutsuou, One Piece, BLEACH, Gundam Wing, and lots of other parodies. There was even an artist selling little pink panties with wicked little chibis on them!

The new CRACKED has finally launched and gets a wire service story

“I stopped thinking about Cracked for what it was and started thinking about Cracked for what it could be and what the potential was,” Sarhan said.

The new Cracked hits newsstands today after a two-year hiatus. It had a press run of 100,000 and has a cover price of $3.99. True to its heritage as a lampooner of pop culture, its debut cover features a doctored photo of Tom Cruise’s head pasted onto the body of Steve Carell and asks if he is “The 44-Year-Old Virgin?”

But the glossy new version resembles the modern breed of “lad mags” such as Maxim, Stuff and FHM.


  1. Cracked sounds promising. It certainly seems to be distancing itself as the “MAD-clone” that it used to be. I think comic strips need to evolve. They’re so corporate and sanitized for mass consumption that we need MAD and Cracked to elevate the artform.