gillenWriter Kieron Gillen (Young AvengersThe Wicked + The Divine) took to his Tumblr today to state that he would be taking a break from Marvel superhero books following Secret Wars.  He confirms what many have suspected for a few weeks now, given his notable absence from the “All-New, All-Different” solicitations that have been rolling out at a furious clip.

Although he will not be writing any superhero books for Marvel, he will stay on Darth Vader.  He says his resolution is not a calculated move towards creator-owned titles, but rather a decision necessitated by scheduling.  In addition to Darth Vader, Gillen is currently writing The Wicked + The DivineMercury HeatUberPhonogram: The Immaterial GirlSiege, Crossed, and 1602 Witch Hunter Angela on a monthly basis.  Plus, Darth Vader is “basically a book and a half.”

I think it’s for the best. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve done at Marvel, but I’m aware that I’m starting to feel a little burned out on the MU. Both Iron Man and Young Avengers took more out of me than I was completely aware of at the time, and the work there has often felt hard since that (With the notable exception of SIEGE, which was designed to be a giggle.) That writing Darth Vader was so freeing made me suspect that even if my schedule hadn’t demanded it, I’d be better taking a step away from the MU and superheroes for a bit to recharge. I’ll see where my head’s at in 2016.

This brings the number of all-star writers taking a “break” from the big M up to three.  Rick Remender announced his decision earlier this week in the letters column of Deadly Class #14 and Jonathan Hickman has been planning his vacation since last year.


  1. Thank you Kieron -there is only so much a talent can take when it comes to working on something that should be called “sequential”, but is dismissed as “comic books” which perpetuates stories which are really only based on three things; christian/conservative-extremists ‘red scare’ tactics in the Comics Code, consumers/’Americans’ (speculator bubble’s and just buying something because it has some character-based asset like Wolverine on the cover, or just to ‘complete the set’), and homo-erotic power fantasy fulfillments. We need more talent like Kieron to let readers know that there is more out there than tiny flimsy advertisement ridden over-priced “comic books”. Go rock the sequential hiz-ous, mad-dawg Kieron!

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