Watch Kieron Gillen explain how to fill out a character sheet in the DIE RPG

The writer of the hit Image Comic explains on video how to play the DIE RPG, based off the world of the book!


Die is an Image Comics series where Dungeons and Dragons meets Jumanji, with the added flavor of teenage angst and the discontent of middle age. Co-created by The Wicked + the Divine writer Kieron Gillen and artist Stephanie Hans, Die follows a group of kids who play a tabletop campaign and find themselves trapped in its world. They escape, years later, at a cost. And now, in their 40s, they’re forced to return to the world of the game and pay back the debt. And now you can play along with these unfortunate souls through the Die RPG!

Developed to dovetail with the conceit of the comic, the Die RPG is a Matryoshka doll of a tabletop game. Recently, Kieron Gillen sat down with The Beat to introduce the game to new players. He explains how, before you get started playing in the fantasy world of Die, you and your friends first have to develop the lives of your characters’ real world personas. It’s an incredibly inventive and immersive take on tabletop gaming that encourages you to not only lose yourself in another world, but in another life as well.

Watch as Gillen explains the rules of the game and teach you how to fill out the character sheet for the Godbinder.

Afterwards, subscribe to The Beat’s YouTube channel and go pick up Die #6 today. This issue release marks the start of the series’ second arc. Aptly titled “Split the Party,” Die #6 picks up where the first arc left off — with the main group in shambles and the city they’re in in shattered pieces.

Die #6 Cover