Transphoria: A Trans & Non Binary Comic Anthology from Lifeline Comics collecting 19 comics about trans & nonbinary experiences of gender euphoria. It is the most recent title from Lifeline, which has previously brought you Bi VisibilityRainbow Canvas and Hairology.

Transphoria is a 90 page anthology features the work of many creators depicting trans and nonbinary gender euphoria: “feelings of joy in how your gender is presented and perceived.” Read on to learn more about this exciting anthology, which is funding now through June 27th, 2024 at 7:00 PM PDT.


Transphoria‘s editorial team is led by Daniel Falco. The anthology aims to bring together a spectrum of trans and nonbinary perspectives telling stories across of a plethora of genres. “These voices rarely receive the representation and attention they deserve,” reads the official description for the campaign. “We know there’s an expansive spectrum of stories to be told, identities to be seen, and endless potential for what queer creators can accomplish. That was why we wanted to bring these writers and artists together to create this anthology.”

Among the creators whose work is featured in the anthology are:

  • Ben Kahn (Elle Campbell Wins Their WeekendRenegade Rule
  • Chris Shehan (House of SlaughterSpecs
  • Kam White (Becoming Who We AreHairology)
  • Brent Fisher (The Color of Always)
  • Megan Huang (Star Wars: High Republic AdventuresAction Comics)
  • Ash Poprik (Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man 2Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III)
  • Kat Calamia & Phil Falco (Slice of LifeThe Beast & SnowBi Visibility)
  • Valeria Peri (Slice of Life
  • Robin Brooks (Assumption Prime
  • C.K. Carpenter (Scott Snyder Presents Tales from the Cloakroom)
  • Michela Cacciatore (Soleil, IDW, Disney’s Lorcana),
  • and MORE!

Now Funding on Kickstarter

Those backers who select the $35+ Before Shipping option (the cost of your Reward Tier + Add-ons) and pledge at a Physical Level (have some Rewards shipped to you) will be rewarded with a free “Trans Axolotl” enamel pin alongside the rest of their rewards.

For more details on the stories in the collection, check out Transphoria‘s Kickstarter campaign page.