With two days to go, Reading With Pictures has reached their Kickstarter funding goal for The Graphic Novel Textbook!

840 Backers
46 hours to go
$66,987 pledged of $65,000 goal

Wow!  iVerse pledged “$5,000 or more” for the exclusive digital rights!

There were many cool premiums offered (Comic book cameos for pledges!  Original art!  Cosplay costumes!  A superhero extreme makeover! Portfolio reviews!), and many still are available!

The coolest?

For $20, a copy will be donated to a school or library! (Reading With Pictures will even help you find one!)  And that donation is tax deductible!

Want to give an entire classroom a set?  $125 will donate a set of 25 digital copies to a classroom!  $275 will get the same set in paper!  Don’t you wish YOU could have read a comics textbook when you were in grade school?  Now you can make that dream a reality for a lucky classroom (and school, since they’ll probably be borrowed by multiple classes!)!  $400 gets 25 copies of the print and digital editions!  (And you can claim a tax deduction!)

Oh, and best get yourself a copy!  Here’s what’s inside!

Sweet Kirby Crackle that’s a lot of great stuff!  And it’s educational, so your teachers and parents will like it as well!  (And folks, once the schools realize what a great educational tool comics are, they’ll order more!  They’ll start offering classes!  And teaching how to use them at teachers colleges!)

Don’t worry about ordering multiple times…  Here’s how to do it!


Yes… but not directly. Kickstarter only allows you to choose a single reward no matter how much you pledge. However, if you wish to purchase multiple rewards you can do the following (and I promise it’s not as complicated as it appears):

  • Add up all the costs of all the rewards you’d like to purchase. Then manually enter that pledge amount.
  • Select one of the rewards (If one of the rewards you want has a limited quantity available, please choose that one).
  • Make your payment.
  • Contact us directly at [email protected] to tell us how much you pledged and what rewards you want and we’ll add your information to our “special” ledger reserved only for the most awesome of backers.


Absolutely! And it goes down like this:

  • You add the cost of the new reward to your existing pledge amount and then update your pledge to reflect the new total.
  • You then contact us directly at [email protected] to tell us how you changed your pledge amount and what new pledges you’re looking to purchase and we hook you up straight away to make all your wishes, hopes and/or dreams come true! (Satisfaction not guaranteed.)

So here’s a last chance to get some cool comics at a great price!  144 pages, hardcover, for $25!  It’s suitable for children, so you can be the “cool uncle/aunt/authority figure” when you give it as a gift!  (Of course, you’ll have to read it first, to make sure it’s “age appropriate”!)


  1. I highly endorse this project. The creators are passionate about using comics (and graphic novels) in a positive way.

    Kudos to them.

  2. We’re very proud to back this project. I’m really excited about everything the folks at Reading with Pictures are doing…I can’t wait to do more with them!

    Congrats to Josh and the entire team for making this happen!

  3. Sheer joy is, I think, a totally appropriate description for the response to the news for this. Josh is a force for change to be reckoned with. The graphic text book project is hitting right when a new wave of educators are fearlessly introducing comics/graphic novels into the classroom. Thank you Josh for the hard work and thank you too to the amazingly talented creators who have joined in to make the project a reality.

    There’s a lot more to come!