By: Henry Barajas

Two projects with three days left to hit 100% of goal and desperately need your support.

Project: Temujin: The Graphic Novel

Talent/Project Manager: Allison Smith

Days to Go: 4 *FUND ALERT*

Goal: $8,000

The spiel: While I was walking artist alley at the New York Comic Con I stumbled on Allison Smith’s table and there was no way you could miss it.  In the midst of the craziness of conventions on the scale of New York’s some creators, art and comic books can’t be ignored and become the talk of the convention.

  I decided to list historical figures of whom I had very little knowledge. Genghis Khan stuck out to me the most because I first learned that Genghis Khan wasn’t his real name, but Temujin was. It felt like I discovered a whole new person. I dug more into the research of his childhood, his mother, and the respect he gained from his skills as a leader and warrior. I wanted to know what happened in his life that made him one of the most influential, well-known figures in history to this day.

Smith is doing everything on this book. Smith is writing, drawing, lettering and coloring the whole book.  I’m pretty ignorant to Genghis Khan, but her passion and look and feel of this book has me hooked.  I’m not crazy about the soft cover price but from what I saw at NYCC this is a must read comic book.


Temujin is what makes Kickstarter so unique and well-rounded in their comic book section. A+ artwork and one of the most refreshing projects I have seen in the last year. I urge everyone reading this to go and support this project right now because there is less then four days left and $2,300 more to go.

Project The Locksmith

Talent/Project Manager Terrence Grace 

Days to Go *FUND ALERT*

Goal: $8,000

The spiel:

NOIR meets SCI-FI in this graphic novel thriller: A cop becomes guardian of a gateway to the beginning and end of the universe.

For those who know me personally you know that I can’t resist a good crime noir comic book.  I haven’t seen too many gritty crime  comics on kickstarter that look as if they’re executed to be taken seriously until now.  By the look of the project page, very theatrical video and preview art a lot of thought and time has gone in to the development of this project.  It’s all about how you sell this project to your potential backers and this project is one of the best examples of what a Kickstarter page should look like.

There is a room inside an old tenement building in the Bronx. Inside the room is a doorway that leads to another dimension where past, present and future exist simultaneously. This gateway must remain protected — by the Locksmith. The problem:  Santiago, the Locksmith, has died. The power is unleashed. What was once dead, seeks life. And that is just the beginning… And possibly end of the world — And the universe.  While investigating the sudden and inexplicable murder of his own brother, Detective Mick Fagan uncovers a strange series of events, all leading back to the Bronx apartment.  He soon becomes convinced that he too is somehow part of this mystery, and joins forces with Santiago’s family in trying to contain what lurks beyond the doorway. 

The best deal that Grace is offering is for only $30; you get a copy of the book, a pin up of your choice and a “Locksmith Master Skeleton Key.”  There are dozens of different looking keys to pick from and if you donate $15-$18 more you get a Kickstarter t-shirt.   Silvo db is the artist attached to the project and he’s so talented and fits the style of this book so well.
 Sorry for my lack of posts but I had a stomach flu, father in the hospital and a comic book to print for Tucson Comic-Con I have had little time to keep up with Kickstarter.  I’m in the process of writing a series of articles on how to launch a competent Kickstarter project; all advice from successful project leaders.

If you have had a successful project with good tips or input and if you have a project you think I should mention here on please email me at [email protected].


  1. Temujin looks great but the Allison is making a classic Kickstarter mistake with her pledges…the first pledge that includes the graphic novel is $50..which is a hell of a lot for a 138 page graphic novel at least a year away from delivery (early 2014 is more likely)…if she didn’t futz around with her “preview comic” and instead made the graphic novel $30, this would have hit 15K already. It looks great and I would totally have pledged but not at $50 (or $55 as I am in Canada and there is added shipping)

  2. Henry I was wondering could I send you the link to my preview page? the visuals and vid are not done/made yet but I would like second opinion on the proposal.

    Well Temujin did make its goal and its not as bad The Garlicks which just came off as a unrealistic proposal. Something I notice is that people don’t post how many copies of their book they’ll be printing. Is there something wrong with doing that(I plan to)?

    I remember when I tried to do a Kick-Starter and I failed miserably cause I didn’t do my homework. Not happening this time around! I quadruple checked(gonna do it a some more later) my numbers for rewards and i’m going through the process rewriting/editing my proposal. failure is a good ingredient for success.

    The three lessons I learned from following/lurking other kickstarters and done for my KS project coming this December(Yeah Heidi, that’s why I have not been writing…-___- sry):

    Expedience: The more the project is done on launch the better(60% minimum imo).
    Transparency: Be up front. Hard and low numbers are trustworthy.
    Creativity: if your going to use typical rewards, be inventive about their usage.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Henry. The Locksmith has just 50 hours left in the campaign. There’s some pretty cool incentives going on in this last stretch. Please have a look. Oh and BTW — I’m also a backer of Temujin!

  4. Just wanted to say thank you so much for the feature on my Temujin project. You make a great point on the graphic novel cost, so I just made a Kickstarter update addressing that issue. Thanks again for the support!

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