No offense to the other 78+ projects out there but nothing on Kickstarter has been catching my eye as of late.  Maybe I’m spoiled with projects like the recently successful Peter PanBAD KARMA and The Big Feminist BUT.  It seems like a slow season but thankfully there are projects like Con Season and Pariah, Missouri to keep things interesting.

Project: Con Season

Talent/Project Manager: Ryan Sohmer

Days to Go: 9

Goal: $78,000

The spielIt’s not the holiday season, it’s the Con Season! Actually it’s not, but it’s right around the corner.  Are you one of those people that live vicariously through your friends on Twitter and Facebook when they go to every damn convention while you’re chained to your day job?  Don’t you hate it when you’re friends are working on their cosplay outfits and  planning what panels they are going to without you?  Well here’s your chance to experience the entire con experience* from the comfort of your own living room. *Con-Crud not included.

An 8 episode series about comics, travel, meat-sweats and chocolate wine from the guys who brought you LICD, LFG, Gutters, and The Bear

Con Season Cast
Addtional Cast of Con Season

I only keep up with comic book Kickstarter projects because I can’t afford to become obsessed with anything else on that site. I’m not too keen on the ‘Film and Video’ projects but I think it’s smart that they uploaded an 8 minute pilot to let you know what they are investing that hard earned money in.

No matter how many times you have been to San Diego Comic-Con, you haven’t experienced everything.  Here’s your chance to know what it’s like waking up (hungover) early and setting up your booth, photo bombing cosplayers and tearing down your booth after four days of selling your soul.  The show follows Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza and his gang of misfits that travel the con circuit, trying to stand out in the vast sea of convention rows.
If you haven’t already read Somer and Lar’s very funny daily web comic Least I Could Do, then shame on you.

Where is that 78k going you ask:

The filming is done. We filmed at Emerald City Comic Con, Calgary Expo, San Diego Comic Con, Gen Con, Fan Expo, and New York Comic Con this year and now we need to take all that footage and turn it into watchable episodes. We will need proper equipment to edit the show (read a ton of man-hours), a large amount of colour adjustments, mix the sound, and, most importantly, pay the staff to do all this. On top of that we will need to pay the production costs for the DVDs and the BluRays.

$35 gets you a physical copy of the show and digital copies, but the real deal is the $1,500 “SDCC Fan Pledge”.  It gets you a San Diego Comic-Con badge, ‘Nuff Said!

Project: Pariah, Missouri : The Graphic Novel

Talent/Project Manager: Andres Salazar

Days to Go: 4

Third stretch goal: $6,000

The spiel Lately I have been scrolling through the various projects and feel like the Kickstarter magic is fading, but then there are projects like Pariah, Missouri.

Pariah Missouri is a western (set right before the Civil War) with a supernatural twist. Think of it as Deadwood meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  It leans on mysticism and folk-magic and if you enjoy settings that are heavily researched with complex characters this is for you!

Pariah, Missouri 2

If you’re reading this and you plan on starting a Kickstarter project, sorry, but you’re going to have to hire Martin Scorsese to beat this promotional video.  Gives a great incite to the project, history in the story and background on Andres Salazar.  He’s a stand up comedian and worked as an art assistant for the legendary Howard Chaykin.

Pariah, Missouri 3

Salazar is trying to come up with dough to print his 22 page story and already hit $2,000 mark and now trying to hit the third stretch goal of $6,000.  If he raises the funds he will include four pages of prelude.  I’m not a gambler but I really like the magnetic chip incentive, I like the style of the comic itself, it’s never been done before on Kickstarter.


  1. Agreed…I supported something like 19 projects in 2011…about 4 in 2012…it just seems like the really interesting stuff isn’t on Kickstarter anymore…not sure why but it is mostly “meh”.

  2. It is definitely the slower part of the year but there are plenty of great projects still. It’s actually nice right now that you don’t have the projects from the big name creators getting all the attention. You get projects like Pariah or Con Season that might not have gotten the attention they deserved during the busy season. Kickstarter is still a great place to support true independent creators.

  3. Hey Everyone! Thank you Henry for the mention. I am working my little tail off on this puppy, I hope that everyone really digs it, I’m having a blast creating this world. I can’t wait to start on the 2nd arc!


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