Just some quickies as we resume normal blogging:

§ Congrats to Tucker Stone on five years of blogging!

§ One we missed: Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison in conversation!

NG: The truth is, when I was doing Sandman — it may have changed by the end, when I knew it was being collected in hardbacks and stuff — but definitely for the first years of Sandman, I thought I was doing something disposable. And that was part of the joy of it. It’s here this month and it’ll get you excited, but in a month’s time it will be in the bargain bins, and in two months’ time, you’ll have to hunt for it.

GM: Or it will only be in your memories. Like so many of the books I had as a kid and don’t have any more, where I have these images of little teddy bears dressed on gigantic night-black seas in my head, and I’ll never find these books again.


§ Frank Santoro and Dash Shaw cram on some animation:

Dash can draw. He’s fast. Prolific. And good. Great, actually. It’s fun to watch him go. We are making 8.5 x 11-inch storyboards for the animatic (the movie screen proportion is just about 6 x 10 inches on the sheet). We’re just drawing with Tombo brush pens. Some grays, but mostly just black lines on white paper. No color right now. It makes everything go faster and read clearer at this stage. Were there to be color changes from board to board and scene to scene – the animatic would be too jarring. So no color. Just lines and some tone. It’s a fast drawing game. We can just GO! DRAW! It was like being in a band. Improvising notes over changes live onstage! Everybody knows that I wish drawing could be more like playing music – and this was it!

§ A long interview with a middle-aged German mother who is a huge Green Lantern fan.


§ Everyone but me has linked to Colleen Doran’s unused Wonder Woman designs for a JMS fantasy take, but now I have. My work here is done.