§ As soon as I have an extra $300 lying around…

§ Don MacPherson looks at how a reality show is promoting the comic drawn by a cast member, namely Nick Simmons, son of Gene:

So the broadcast announcement about Incarnate isn’t telling us anything new, but what’s of interest is how it’s being promoted. A&E has set up a mini-site on its own online home for Nick Simmons specifically to promote Incarnate. Now, A&E may not be one of the big American networks, but it’s no slouch in the world of broadcast entertainment either. Furthermore, Family Jewels is syndicated, so it has a longer reach than just the A&E crowd.The question is, though: will a de facto ad on primetime TV move comics? Will it drive non-comics buyers to seek out Nick’s comic and perhaps others if they enjoy the experience?

§ ConventionScene.com includes a detailed write up of last week’s 100 Bullets wrap party.

§ Top 5 Comics That Get Magic Right

§ Geoff Boucher offers an in-depth look at Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of THE HUNTER

§ Blog@ looks at Big Funny, which someone really needs to take a picture of in proportion to a human. IT’S BIG.

§ You will not read anything else like Graeme McMillan’s Farewell, Matt Brady.


  1. Hi Heidi…

    Here is a photo of BIG FUNNY from the review at Poopsheet…


    Here is a photo of me holding the first copy we unbatched…


    It is roughly the same dimensions as one of the gorgeous Sunday Press reprint books.

    Please note that they can be ordered online from the BIG FUNNY website now… You won’t want to order one, though, Heidi, as we already sent you a copy… enjoy!

  2. That L&R cover is one of my favourite pieces of comic art ever. I had that cover on a t-shirt for a while but I destroyed it with sweat and cigarettes and dancing in nightclubs. hey, I’m older now and I have some extra cash and next week its my birthday. ordered, yeah. thanks for the link!

  3. I love that L&R cover art. But… three hundred dollars for a print? Oh well, good thing the economy is going great and everyone has money to burn.