§ Must read: Many comics types weigh in on 2008’s events at The Comics Reporter.

§ MTV’s Splash Page rounds up some holiday-themed comics so we don’t have to.

§ This article from the Schenectady Daily Gazette examines how many media that are supposedly for kids are supported by adults …like comic books:

Earthworld’s owner, J.C. Glindmyer, said the market for comics and action figures has changed drastically since he purchased his store two decades ago. Today, most of his customers are between the ages of 17 and 55; teenagers and young adults comprise the majority of his market.

“We don’t see as many kids,” he said.

But he’s not overly concerned about this. The rise in adult readership, he said, has more than made up for the drop-off in kids.

“I’m not really worried about the younger reader,” Glindmyer said.

§ This piece on Corto Maltese is a bit rudimentary, but it did lead us to a Corto clip on YouTube!


  1. This is taken from an animated movie, “La cour secrête des arcanes” (= the “Corto in Siberia” Graphic Novel), and you can find it complete on Dailymotion here (in french) :

    Several other animated films have been made from Corto’s books, but except this one, which was released in Theaters, they all went direct-to-DVD.

    All those movies use to be available at Dailymotion, but after a quick search I can’t find them right now… They’re pretty good, actually.

  2. Earthworld *and* the Schenectady Gazette on The Beat? Well, it just made my Monday morning to see my hometown comic shop and daily newspaper get a shout here on the ‘Webs. Nice, Heidi!

  3. “‘I’m not really worried about the younger reader,’ Glindmyer said.”

    You know, some retailers MAKE their stores appealing to kids, through effort, word of mouth, and promotional events – it really bothers me when the primary means of getting comics to kids in a given area is so cavalier about doing so.

    Granted, given the purpose of the article, this angle may have been pushed more than the truth may be; I’ve not been to earthworld – they may have an all-ages section, they may do kid’s drawing stuff, I don’t know.

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