§ Congrats to the awesome Brigid Alverson on MangaBlog‘s third anniversary.

Speeding Bullet
§ Alert Michael Chabon! This pizza delivery outfit dresses up as superheroes:

Each new employee develops an alter ego – there’s Captain Awesome, Captain Organic, Flying Squirrel, General Statement, Italian Scallion, Merman, Pink Thunder, and Weather Man – and then designs a costume that Bonahoom has custom-made by a local seamstress.

Thanks to Beat Spy “Trinity” for the link.

§ Chris Mautner interviews Alison Bechdel:

It’s a little disturbing to be institutionalized. But of course I’m immensely grateful for it. I think of people being forced to read my work and I don’t like that. I just got an email from a kid — I have to read this to you: “I just read Fun Home in an English class Intro to the graphic novel. Initially I thought it would be an angry story about the struggles that a homosexual American faces, but I’ve got to say that I was wrong and I really enjoyed it.” That’s pretty touching, but I do feel that it’s getting shoved down some people’s throats. That’s a little disturbing.

§ You will feel you were at S.P.A.C.E. after you read huck Moore’s report at Comic Related. [h/t [email protected]]

§ The comics loving New York Times gets even more comics-crazy with a piece on the new issue of BUFFY, which would have a been a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE if it had been on TV.

§ ICV2 begins a run down on the comics and-or licensing themed movies opening this summer.

§ This Chris Butcher post looks at the economics of giving things away for free on the net .It also includes anecdotes from Neil Gaiman that back up the fact that indie book store owners are often as “eccentric” as comics shop owners.

§ Ongoing message board discussion of how to spruce up Zuda, DC’s webcomics site.


  1. Galactic Pizza is actually right down the street from me. I love ordering from them for parties. Everyone runs to the door to see the delivery guy. A while ago one of the delivery guys, in his Galactic gear no less, foiled a purse snatcher.