§ Frank Santoro reports from the Pittsburgh stop of the KEVII tour:

I think Bill pre-sold like 20 copies and, I think, every person who bought one came to the signing. It was pretty steady. Not the tables tho’—Kevin scowled a few times cuz I kept reaching for french fries and shaking the thin table. Whoops, sorry Kev! There was a personal connection between maker and reader, the readers, like I said, being genuinely thrilled to be meeting the likes of Kevin, Sammy, Regé, and John Pham, all of whom hadn’t been to Pittsburgh before. Jacob Ciocci, Matthew Thurber, and I are always around it seems, ha ha. We got respect, but damn, people totally stutter in front of Kevin. It’s kind of sweet.

§ Likewise, Chris Butcher reports and opines from Toronto:

How it stirred up the anger it did is a little beyond me… I think a lot of it was because of the lack of information surrounding the initial solicitation. Cheers to Tom for getting the low-down on that, but If I had to put a guess out there I’d say that if the info in that interview with Sammy were available 3 weeks earlier, things wouldn’t have reached the depths of rhetoric they did. Maybe that was just the sort of buzz the book needed to get noticed in a crowded marketplace? Maybe not. That’s why I’m generally in favour of more information.

§ Io9 was busy this weekend with a list of 10 Graphic Novels That Make Thrilling Gifts:

§ John Jakala investigates balloon placement.

§ The Two Jimmy Aquinos are going to meet!


  1. yes we are! i decided to finally get a hold of him and invite him on the show. expect worlds to collide some time in the new year! will we cancel each other out? tune in to find out! :)