§ Anthem Magazine continues its interviews with great cartoonists with a Jamie Hernandez interview :

If you were of a different ethnic background, do you think your characters would be different as well?

I hope so. Not too many ethnic comics out there so I feel it’s my duty to handle my part of it.

How do you feel about the characters you’ve created? Is there anything you wish you had done differently with them?

I think I would have had some of them settle down and create families at an earlier stage in their lives. It sounds corny, but that’s what a lot of people do eventually, even the deranged ones.

§ On the Cerebus Yahoo Group it’s been announced that Dave Sim is canceling most of his upcoming convention appearances. He’ll still be appearing at the Motor City Con and Toronto Comicon, but NY Comic-Con and even future SPACE appearances are out. The reason is economic, Jeff Tundis reports:

It is primarily money related. It basically comes down to the fact that he doesn’t see any real way to recoup the money he’s spent on conventions, signings and promotions and still meet his obligations to Gerhard concerning the buyout.

Steve Haske at the Daily Vanguard looks at Taeko Saito’s GOLGO 13 which is wrapping up a 13-book run at VIZ:

Jillian Steinhauer takes on Super Spy by Matt Kindt.

Jog looks at Dash Shaw’s Body World.

§ The Toronto Xtra profiles cousins Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki and their new SKIM graphic novel:

The cousins’ first project together, Skim, began as a short comic for Kiss Machine Presents. As it was the first comic for both Jillian and Mariko, they drew on their other artistic experiences — with Jillian approaching it like “a massive illustration project” and Mariko writing it much like a play. In fact, in between the Kiss Machine Presents version and the full graphic novel, Mariko developed Skim as a play for Groundswell, Nightwood’s theatre festival. The new book shows this theatrical influence in its structure. It is made up of three parts, or acts, with Skim’s diary entries functioning as frames for individual scenes.

§ The Original Star Wars Trilogy in 3 shots. Sometimes it’s all so clear.

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