§ Just what we needed, more competition.

§ John McCain is…the Joker?

§ Viz has a new movie division and ICV2 interviews head Jason Hoffs:

As far introducing a new, rich world, I think that manga is certainly the equal of any U.S.-created intellectual property, certainly including comic books and graphic novels. Where I think manga is truly extraordinary (and I’m a fan, but a newcomer to your world–I’m not quite an otaku) is the level of characterization, which I think is exceptional. It typically exceeds the level of characterization, and in a way, sophistication, of many American graphic novels. I suspect one of the reasons for that is that these properties are initially serialized in magazines like Shonen Jump and in order for them to continue their readership they need to have these heightened, addictive characterizations. I find myself getting much more drawn in by the characters than I do in the average comic book.

§ Noblemania unearths new photos of Bill Finger:

§ Djimon Hounsou to play Thulsa Doom?

§ Watchmen shot by shot comparisons.