The announcement of BOOM!’s Samuel L. Jackson-penned comic, COLD SPACE, prompts Don MacPherson to point out that celebri-comics have a spotty track record:

Rapper and Transformers star Tyrese Gibson was noted for his public lament over a lack of retailer support for his Mayhem comic from Image last year. Stephen Baldwin barely made a splash with his The Remnant. The first issue of Clerks 2 and Men in Black 2 actress Rosario Dawson’s comic book, Occult Crimes Taskforce from Image, barely made a blip, and neither did Bad Planet, from Thomas Jane of HBO’s Hung. Nick Simmons’s Incarnate from Radical Publishing isn’t exactly lighting the sales charts on fire either, and his dad hasn’t moved many copies of his non-KISS comics when they were offered by IDW Publishing.

Of the five comic-book titles I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I had to do web searches to find/remember the names of three of them.

MacPherson points out that there are exceptions– Kevin Smith and Gerard Way, f’r instance. And that said, the above cover by Jeffrey Spokes is very sharp.

§ Bart Beaty’s Angoulême adventures continue.

§ Chris Mautner looks at Scholastic’s 2010 plans

§ Daniel Craig is taking over the lead role in COWBOYS AND ALIENS.

§ Charlie Jane Anders looks at The Worst Superhero Film Of All Time

§ Wired points out yet another example of a poorly named comic.

§ AND….we all know that AVATAR ripped off DANCES WITH WOLVES, POCAHONTAS, and FERNGULLY, but did it also rip off an obscure British comic?

Fox 4

§ This is more news, but CO2 comics, the new outfit launched by Gerry Giovinco and Co. is reliving the ’80s in style with a web-reprint of THE WORLD OF GINGER FOX by Mike Baron and Mitch O’Connell.

The World of Ginger Fox by Mike Baron and Mitch O’Connell, originally published by Comico in 1986 as a 64-page graphic novel, is nothing short of stylish eye candy derived from the exciting nineteen eighties’ era of high hair, shoulder pads, and excesses of wealth. Ginger Fox is presented anew beginning this week on the web pages of CO2 Comics produced by former Comico publishers Bill Cucinotta and Gerry Giovinco. The tale of romance, adventure and intrigue, set in the Hollywood of the mid-eighties featuring the smart, sexy and savvy Ginger Fox and a cast of strippers, martial artists, hit men, drug addicts, gat-toting bodyguards and celebrity cameos will be released in weekly installments and is available without fee or subscription as are all comics currently available at www.co2comics.com.


  1. I have the Ginger Fox album buried somewhere. Looking at WorldCat, there’s a few comics Mr. O’Connell did, including the illustrations to a D&D book from 1985.

    Man! Does anybody airbrush comics anymore? (And might now be a good time for a Ginger Fox / American Flagg crossover?)

  2. “AND….we all know that Avatar ripped off Dances with Wolves, Pocahontas and Ferngully but Did it also rip off an obscure British comic?”

    Don’t forget the huge debt that Cameron owes to Poul Anderson’s classic novella “Call Me Joe.”

  3. There’s another celeb created comic in Previews this month. Michael Chiklis has ‘Pantheon’ over at IDW. Though looking it up online, it used to be titled Olympus. Guess someone else already is using that title.

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