§ ICv2 briefly interviews Chip Kidd on his STRANGE TALES cover for Marvel.

§ It seems that imagining sex lives for Disney characters just never gets old — even The New Yorker thinks this trope is funny. They did at least update the references. :

—When Mickey leers at Minnie in the waterfront bar, let’s have him squeak, “You know what they say, baby. Big ears . . .”

—In the “Brokeback Mickey” flashback, when Mickey makes tender love to Donald Duck, let’s have Mickey murmur, “Leave the little sailor hat on.”

§ Marvel hired 144 new talents in 2009 C.B. Cebulski reveals.

§ Strange Adventures, a Halifax, N.S. comics shop is holding a Ladies Night!:

Strange Adventures in Halifax will host its first-ever Ladies Night on Thursday, Jan. 28. Owner Calum Johnston said it’s a chance for women who are interested in comics but might have felt intimidated or awkward about venturing into a comic-book shop, but it’s also an event for fangirls to gush about comics without guys. Johnston said there won’t even be any male staff members at the event.

“The Halifax store’s assistant manager Tina Johns is running the show with help from our other part-time staff Nat and Jennie,” he said. “We’ve invited a couple of local female cartoonists to attend, not for a signing, but to talk with those who attend about the comics they work on and their favourites.”

§ A little bit more on the filmic development of Too Cool To Be Forgotten

§ The pilot script for THE WALKING DEAD has been reviewed favorably.

road to god knows von allan

§ An interview with Von Allan whose the road to god knows… was many, many years in the making and has finally been published.


  1. So many pencilers and inkers hired, yet long term and very talented people no longer get offered work.

  2. “I am doing a book on the golden age of Captain Marvel. It’s a coffee table book, and that will be out through Abrams Comics Art this fall.” — Chip Kidd

    Can’t believe this got buried. Really looking forward to it.

  3. “Chip Kidd presents Chip Kidd’s Captain Marvel by Chip Kidd.” Or maybe he has more respect for american artists than japanese ones.

  4. Oh look, the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes! Honestly, is that Strange Tales cover, good design? Remember the great cover design work on “Final Crisis?” Wow, it’s sure easy to be seduced, isn’t it?

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