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§ Holy crap! A preview of Through the Woods, the first collectino of Emily Carroll’s comics. It’s coming nextyear from Simon & Shuster(!). Zainab has more:

Carroll is, to my mind, the only web-comic creator, along with Boulet, to make a fuller use of the platform, testing and exploring it in innovative ways. Her interactive horror comics, whilst beautiful and striking in imagery and carefully and thoughtfully paced and positioned, are driven by the strength of her narratives, and I’m interested to see how all that will translate into print.

I’ll roger that: Carroll is one of the most exciting multimedia artists of the multi media cartoonist generation. And so far it looks pretty damn good as single images. Tumblr mxga404PjY1r9pd2fo7 500

§ CBR sat down with artist Kris Anka, who has made the jump from his day job in animation to cover artist to now interiors. 


What was the time period you interned at WB Animation, and did you work with any notable names during that time?

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I was an intern for both the summers of 2007 and 2008. The first summer I was just a general production intern on the “Tom & Jerry Show,” working under Bobbie Page. This was when I wasn’t able to do any actual art work because I was non-union. But it was still an excellent opportunity to actually see how a studio worked from day-to-day. I had just graduated from high school, and hadn’t yet started CalArts so it was good to actually see what I was getting in to. [Laughs] I was also able to meet Bruce Timm and Dave Johnson in a very small capacity, and actually got a portfolio review from Dave — although I doubt he remembers this at all. [Laughs] It was all very daunting for me as a fan of both their works. The second summer I worked for this division called T-Works where I was actually building flash websites for WB. I remember doing one for “The Batman” and “Baby Looney Tunes.” [Laughs]

§ The Observer of the UK has its Graphic books of the year including several that we haven’t got here in the US yet, such as a Posy Simmonds-illustrated collection of one-sided converstaions. WANT. 

§ Zainab is at it again with Noteable comics of 2013 as chosen by various luminaries. 

§ And Comics Alliance has The Best Comic Books of 2013, Part One with many unexpected choices. 

§ And they are coming FAST AND FURIOUS, here’s Whitney Matheson’s  best of the year. Lucy Knisley is killing it in these lists, by the way. 

§ John Romita Jr. sits down for a chat with the Metro:

My strength is telling a story through sequential art and I think that’s a difficult thing. But my art skills are average at best in my mind. I’m still learning. I picked up from my father never to get too full of yourself – there’s always someone better. I think that’s important to remember as the egos in this business are huge.

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§ Here’s a list of comic book cliches which has many of the usual suspects but also this one, which is kind of goofy instead of annoying, but it is a cliche: The Superfluous End of Storyarc Group Pose

Jason momoa premiere conan the barbarian 01

Jason Momoa will have an as yet unnamed role in Batman vs Superman. Some say he will play Conan Doomsday, others that he will play a hunky exotic looking guy. Either way, we’re on Team Momoa!


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