§ Bully salutes Spider-Ham, perhaps the only Marvel character whose design was inspired by Terrytoons.

§ As promised in our comment section, Shaun Manning interviews Gilbert Hernandez about TROUBLEMAKERS, his new book:

All of Hernandez’ characters, though, share the thrillseeker mentality. “Each person in the story only knows that getting away with something works better than earning it honestly,” the artist said. “The 4 main characters are attractive people, for the most part, but they are drawn to shady doings because it turns them on. This type of immaturity is glorified everywhere you look, so why work a 9 to 5 job? Fritz’s character brings up the obvious question of ‘Why doesn’t she just marry a rich guy?’ Because she would get bored right away. She’s the type of person I like to compare to ‘monkeys with dynamite.'”

Tashlin Clockwork

§ Kristy Valenti investigates the work of Frank Tashlin, whose body of work goes far beyond directing CINDERFELLA.

Tashlin also wrote and drew three children’s books that could easily function as graphic novels for adults today: The Bear That Wasn’t (1946) The Possum that Didn’t (1950) and The World That Isn’t (1951). Two of these, The Bear That Wasn’t and The World That Isn’t, were hiding inside library binding at my local branch.[4] The World That Isn’t is a satiric, rise,-fall,-and-rise-again-of-man story, of the type that cartoonists still do today. Its pen-and-ink lines are controlled, flattened and simplified, with occasional tight curlicues.

§ The comics connections of the late Ken Ober are saluted at ComicMix.

§ Glen Weldon’s review of SANDMAN: DREAM HUNTERS at the NPR website did not appeal to everyone.

§ When you get an email with the headline “SPECIAL NEEDS ROCK STARS WRITE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED COMIC BOOK” you get all KINDS of ideas about Ozzy Osbourne or Noel Gallagher writing comics, but it turns out it’s all for a good cause.

§ Help blogger Ragnell identify a bra!


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