§ Must read: The second part of Matthias Wivel’s report on the troubles at L’Association covers the embarrassing strike earlier this yer and other unpleasant matters. A great piece.

§ Seth is interviewed over at CBR and gives a status report on CLYDE FANS:

God knows. “Clyde” has been a long project. Probably I should have finished it long ago rather than letting things like the “New York Times” strip or a million other such projects get in the way. It will be finished. In fact, that’s what I am working on right now. But it’s still a year or two from completion. I have no excuses. I feel bad about it, though. I want to finish it. I’m sure when it is finally done, it will be a disappointment to people. I can hear the complaints already, that it was a waste of a decade or more!

No! Worth the wait!

§ Alison Bechdel’s great FUN HOME is being turned into a stage musical by Obie-award winning playright Lisa Kron and Tony-nominated composer Jeanine Tesori.

§ MIX is in the rearview mirror, but
Chris PItzer and Julie Wertzhave such warm, fun-filled con reports that you’ll want to read them anyway. Above, Wertz’s photo of the Hoarders — candidate but thrillingly printing press-equipped offices at Zak Sally’s La Mano Press.

§ Johanna catches a missing credit in an Obama bio comic.


§ Speaking of Obama, he was playing with Legos the other day. Not adult Legos, but the original kind for chubby little fingers. Remember this?

§ Halo-8 has started an Occupy Comics Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds to allow cartoonists to document the OWS movement.

§ Matthew Seneca scores an interview with Yuichi Yokoyamaauthor of a series of extremely abstract yet extremely powerful manga published in the US by PictureBox. Yokoyama-san’s answer are rather brief, but still illuminating:

CA: I know you worked as a painter before you began doing comics. What made you want to try a different art form?

Yokoyama: I started making comics because consecutive scenes of cartoons allowed me to put more frequency and detailed “information” and “time” in cartoons than one painting.

§ In addition to running First Second and drawing the webcomic SAILOR TWAIN, Mark Siegel also found time to illustrate a children’s book? HOW DOES HE DO IT?