§ Don MacPherson explains how Rich Koslowski won a copyright infringement case:

When it comes to stories about comic-book copyright infringement, one usually imagines Marvel Entertainment or DC Comics cracking down on unauthorized use of iconic super-hero characters. But in a Toronto court recently, an independent comics creator and self-publisher took on another small businessman. The 3 Geeks creator Rich Koslowski has won a summary-judgment motion in Canadian federal court, upholding his 3 Geeks copyright. The case arises from an Ontario computer-consultation business and its use of a 3 Geeks image, created by Koslowski, promotional materials.

§ It’s that time of year! And Comics Alliance is there with 5 Comic Book Halloween Costumes That Won’t Objectify Women (And 5 That Will Objectify Men!) . Warning: Anyone attempting a Namor really need ot know what they are doing or else mass death could ensue.

§ Speaking of Namor, here’s Ming Doyle’s Namor triptych, with frame. (via Twitter.)

§ Part 2 of Denny O’Neil’s writing column at Bleeding Cool is up and this time, it’s a recommended reading list.

§ DC’s senior story editor, Ian Sattler, is learning how to blog and he’s quickly discovered what we learned long ago — when you’re vamping for time, pictures of beverages work just fine.

Hello from…well I’m actually not sure where I am right now. Somewhere deep in the Valley in LA at a coffee shop. I’ve driven so much in the last 24 hours that I can’t believe that it’s all been in only one state. Everything is crusing along though and it’s great to hear how into the DCU everybody is right now. That includes the person I’m sitting with as I type this. They are a writer that has never done anything for the DCU, but that is gonna change in 2010. Wanna try and guess? Well here is a hint: This is a picture of their iced tea. Pretty amazing hint, huh? Ok gotta run, but talk to you tomorrow!

heroes lesbian kiss
§ As many are saying, lesbian kissing is another term for shark jumping and the just released image of good girl Claire and bad girl Gretchen about to enjoy a tumultuous melding of lips from Heroes shows.

§ Steven Grant explores the forces that shaped his reading tastes and hits on how pop comics often remained cut off from larger societal trends. Specifically, Grant cites the dread engendered by assassination, nuclear threats, and the Cold War leading to the massive experimentation in all the art forms during the ’60s.

Comic books? Uh-uh. They were always enjoyable, but even Marvel Comics stayed rooted in the WWII-Cold War 40s-50s mentality. TV shows featured more current material than Marvel Comics in 1968, and Marvel was waaaaaay ahead of DC, BROTHER POWER THE GEEK notwithstanding. You just didn’t look to comics for content. Stories had amusement value in the moment, art was the long term point of interest. Then, suddenly, there was the Harvey Kurtzman legacy again, erupting out of nowhere, and changing everything.

Irving Penn Images

Not Comics: RIP Irving Penn


  1. With Madeline Zima on Heroes and Charles Shaughnessy on Mad Men, I think we can all cross our fingers for a new girlfriend for Benjamin Linus played by Fran Drescher.

  2. I HEARTILY second Torsten’s observation! “Three Fingers” was SO amazing. I’ll buy just about anything that Koslowski does. Utterly amazing.

  3. Somewhere in Universal’s Dark Tower an executive is snapping his fingers and saying, “That’s IT! That’s how we’ll revive the franchise — lesbian sharks!”

  4. Why isn’t she doing more work?

    On her Web site, she describes herself as “working on art all night and every day.” Her résumé lists several ’08 and ’09 comics projects for BOOM!, Image, etc.:

    Boom! Studios
    Jennifer’s Body, “Ahmet from India”
    Pencils & inks, September 8th, 2009
    Hunter’s Fortune #3 (Cover B)
    Pencils & inks, 2009
    Zombie Tales #8, “Lights Out”
    Pencils & inks, September 2008
    Hero Squared, “Love and Death #1 (Cover B)”
    Pencils, inks & colors, December 31st, 2008

    Image Comics
    Outlaw Territory Vol. 1, “Griswold’s Song”
    Pencils, inks & colors, July 8th, 2009
    Popgun Vol. 2, “The Loner”
    Pencils, inks & colors, July 2008
    Comic Book Tattoo, “The Waitress”
    Pencils & inks, July 2008

    The New Press
    Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology, “Learn to Share”
    Pencils & inks, April 14th, 2009

    Perhaps her elegant artwork is too refined to create buzz?


  5. Does there exist a rhetorical questions that Synsidar can’t Google the answer to?

    To answer his OWN rhetorical question, I know she’s quite busy with a bunch of projects, as she told me in San Diego.

  6. Thanks so much, guys! I’ve been steadily working on various and sundry smaller comics and illustration projects, and there are a couple of bigger jobs on the horizon. Whatever I’m up to usually shows up on my sketchblog first.

    I’ll land a cool, creepy, “mainstream” job someday! It may not be until I’m an octogenarian, but let’s be honest. That would only be all the more sweet.