I make it no secret how much I adore the current DC Super Hero Girls revamp since it premiered back in March 2019. While developer/producer Lauren Faust‘s signature style is clearly on display, DCSHG is a wonderful showcase for the talents of the countless artists involved. Without a doubt, one particular crew member who has captured my attention with her amazing work has got to be character designer Kat Hudson.

While relatively new in the animation industry, her retro-futuristic style has been compared to the aesthetics of Bruce Timm. She’s certainly come a long way from retail and drawing caricatures at Six Flags in Atlanta as her responsibilities for DCSHG have grown since she began on the animated series. It’s no surprise then that Hudson was promoted to character lead for DC Super Hero Girls last year.

A few months ago, Hudson shared on her social media a Wonder Twins animated project she pitched to Warner Bros. that was ultimately rejected.

Hudson clearly did her research not only into Wonder Twins history but the entirety of the DC Universe. Let’s be honest, aside from their appearances in the classic Super Friends cartoon, the Wonder Twins origin story isn’t exactly well-known. Dentwil whose first and only appearance was in Super Friends #14 is included in Hudson’s pitch as well as Grax, who had his own run in with the Wonder Twins in Super Friends #7. Admittedly, the pickings are pretty slim for the duo’s rogue gallery, but these are some obscure characters for even the most hardcore DC Comics aficionados

In a rather clever adaptation, Hudson’s pitch reimagines Wendy as the niece of Detective Harvey Harris, a pre-Crisis Batman supporting character. Likewise, Professor Carter Nichols (depicted as the guardian of the Wonder Twins) is another classic Batman supporting character who was utilized by Grant Morrison for his acclaimed Batman run.

It’s unfortunate the Wonder Twins pitch didn’t go forward, I’m glad Hudson was able to publicly share the pitch and give us a taste of her personal story sensibilities. Given DC’s expansion into the middle grade graphic novels market, I would love to see this Wonder Twins pitch  reworked for the comics medium. In any event, I have no doubt we can expect even bigger things from Hudson in the future.

Take a look at the Wonder Twins pitch below and follow Kat Hudson on her Twitter and Instagram and be sure to check out her Website and Patreon!

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